Ready or Not Ironman Mode Explained

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Ready or Not Ironman Mode Explained

What is Ready or Not Ironman Mode? Ready or Not is certainly a game not suitable for all those who are new to the genre, as it is a difficult and tactical FPS that will put a strain on even those who are used to playing this type of game. As if that wasn't enough, the developers have decided to raise the stakes and add the Ready or Not Ironman Mode. In this article, therefore, we will explain everything you need to know about this mode if you intend to increase the challenge level of the game in general.

What is the Ready or Not Ironman Mode

As you can guess from the name, Ready or Not Ironman Mode is not simple at all. In fact, this mode was designed by the developers to make things even more difficult, so it is certainly not suitable for all those who are new to the genre. In practice, it is a mode in which you will have to play with permadeath, which means that your death will be permanent and therefore you cannot be brought back to life by your companions in any way. Additionally, your character and save will be lost forever.

It is therefore a mode that pushes the game's level of realism even further, already received with positive opinions also for this aspect. Furthermore, as a consequence, your attitude will change: you will certainly have to be more vigilant and attentive to everything that is happening around you, a small misstep could cause you to die and you will have to repeat everything from the beginning. As a reward for the more daring, if you manage to overcome this ordeal, you will have exclusive cosmetic rewards to redeem.

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Obviously, since this is not the default mode with which the game was designed, in order to play Ready or Not Ironman Mode, you will have to activate it. Activating it will not be a difficult thing at all, certainly not like continuing the game in this mode. Simply open the main menu, go to the Singleplayer screen, then Commander Mode and, finally, activate Ironman Mode.

Once you have activated this mode, you will be ready to begin this journey, but there are some things you need to keep in mind. In fact, this mode introduces some game mechanics that you will need to know before proceeding. The first is Three Save Slots, or, as the name suggests, you can create three different saves that allow you to test your skills before risking everything in Ready or Not Ironman Mode. The second is Exfiltration, or the possibility of bailing out a particular mission that you cannot pass.

The third game mechanic to know is that of the Stress System. In fact, any of your actions will have repercussions on the stress level of your teammates, so the key to having a team that is not stressed is to think carefully about your choices. And, finally, the fourth game mechanic to know is linked to the Officer Traits, which will allow you to gain advantages and benefits as you unlock them, in order to prevail in intense situations.

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Ready or Not Ironman Mode

Ready or Not Ironman Mode Explained
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