Publisher Mooncat Games Formed to Highlight Unique Subgenres

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Publisher Mooncat Games Formed to Highlight Unique Subgenres

Two Player PR has introduced Mooncat Games, a new publishing house for indie developers.

In the world of indie games and gaming in general, it's really easy for titles to slip by. And, as a gaming website, we can't highlight them all, so how do those indie games that fit into an even smaller niche get noticed? Well, Mooncat Games is looking to do just that. Aspiring to maintain a “friendly, helpful, and positive presence with our studio partners”. The new publisher will also give back, with a percentage of the profit going to charitable organisations of the studio's choice.

Based out of Stockholm, Sweden, Mooncat is set to release three games at first with their first, A Long Journey to an Uncertain End, releasing today. Mooncat will offer developers a unique and personalised range of services. From localization, to storefront management and platform partnerships. So, for an indie developer making the type of unique product Mooncat is clearly targeting, it looks like the ideal service.

Mooncat Games', games

Mooncat Games is already putting titles out in the world, with three titles already under the label.

The Garden Path

Developed by carrotcake, The Garden Path is a “slice-of-life sim” about gardening. Ideal for those looking to play a game in short bursts, you'll find yourself fishing, growing and trading your way to your goals. And you know what, that sounds lovely.  A cozy, life sim, with wholesome content in a 2D world, The Garden Path is due out in 2023.

The game is available on – Steam – – Nintendo Switch

A Long Journey to an Uncertain End

Developed by Crispy Creative, and out today (June 28th), A Long Journey to an Uncertain End will see you take on the role of a sentient spaceship, with an entire galaxy between yourself and freedom. So, it's time to explore the galaxy, form a crew and… escape from your ex. With resource management and RPG elements and a sci-fi setting, the game is going to be open to broad appeal.

The game is available on – Steam | | Epic Games | GOG

Remnants of the Rift

Developed by Bromio, you'll head off on an adventure as Morgan through dimensions as you look to find closure from your past. Described as a “Roguelite” with “real-time and pause” gameplay. The game released in Steam Early Acces on May 4th.

The game is available on – Steam

For future titles, you can keep track of Mooncat Games on social media, or follow their latest their Steam publisher page to follow the latest releases.

Publisher Mooncat Games Formed to Highlight Unique Subgenres
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