PUBG Global Series 1 Announcement Details

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PUBG Global Series 1 Announcement Details

The main event of 2023 PUBG Esports is about to kick off with the PUBG Global Series 1 tournament.

The first leg of the PUBG Global Series kicks off late April!
Image Source: Krafton

Krafton has just released details for Series 1 of the PUBG Global Series, set to take place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. PGS 1 will begin on April 27 and go on through May 7. $500,000 in prize money is up for grabs.

There will be 24 teams competing in PGS 1. 8 teams are Global Partner teams: Soniqs, FaZe Clan, Twisted Minds, NAVI, 17 Gaming, Petrichor Road, Gen.G, and Four Angry Men. The remaining 16 teams will consist of the best-performing teams of each regional series. Three qualifying teams will come from the Americas league, six from APAC, five from Asia, and two from Europe. 

Luminosity Gaming, Shoot to Kill, and Third Eye have all qualified as the Americas teams, and HOWL Esports and Acend will be representing Europe. The qualifying teams for Asia and APAC will be decided soon. 

Tournament Format

The PGS 1 will feature four stages and one last implementation of super ruleset v3.0.5
Image Source: Krafton

The PGS 1 Tournament will utilize the super ruleset v3.0.5. one last time in tournament format before PUBG switches to its latest format. There will be four stages: Group Stage, Winners Bracket, Losers Bracket, and Grand Finals. The tournament will use maps Miramar and Eragel on patch #22.2. Two new weapons, the MK12 and ACE32, will be available. 

Global Partner Team Branded Gear

Four of the Global Partner Teams will be getting exclusive gear in PGS 1.
Image Source: Krafton

The PGS 1 will introduce the first set of Global Partner Team-branded items, including skins. Krafton has decided that Natus Vincere, 17 Gaming, FaZe Clan, and Petrichor Road will be the first Global Partner Teams to receive exclusive items. Fans of these organizations will soon be able to represent in a new way. 

Krafton will disclose more information about PGS 1 and the first batch of Global Partner Team-branded gear as we get closer to PGS 1's kickoff date. 


PUBG Global Series 1 Announcement Details
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