Psyonix Revamps Rocket League Esports With Year-Long RLCS X

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Psyonix Revamps Rocket League Esports With Year-Long RLCS X

Rocket League Championship Series will get some big changes for season 10.

Psyonix is going to be shifting from a two-season a year format to one year-long season for the game’s 10th RLCS season. The changes will come into effect for the newly named Rocket League Championship Series X (RLCSX).

The season will get underway in August 2020 and will mark a major shift in the competitive Rocket League scene. The RLCSX will be split into three split, Fall, Winter, and Spring. Each of the three splits will consist of three Regional Events, with teams earning points towards placement at the end of season Major. The total prize pool for the entire season will be $4.5m.

On top of the total prize pool, the RLCSX will also feature The Grid. These are nine weekly tournaments per split, each with an additional $10,000 prize pool. Teams in the event will also earn RLCS points, helping them qualify for the Major.

RLCS X Format Tournament Format

  • Three Splits constitute a full season (Fall, Winter, and Spring)
  • Each Split will feature three standalone Regional Events for both North America and Europe (six between the two regions for a total of 18 Regional Events per season)
  • All Regional Events will begin with an Open Qualifier on Battlefy
  • Each Split will culminate with a Major (three Majors per season)
  • All three Splits will showcase a different tournament format
  • The Fall Split is a 32-team tournament format
  • The Winter Split will be a 24-team format
  • The Spring Split will be a 20-team format
  • Regional Events will provide $100,000 in prizing per event
  • Majors will provide $250,000 in prizing per Split
  • The Rocket League World Championship will provide $1,000,000 in prizing
  • By the end of the season, more than $4,500,000 in prizing will be awarded across all regions

RLCS X: Fall Split Format

  • Each Regional Event will have 32 teams
  • Teams that earned their spot from RLCS Season 9 will be auto-invited to Regional Events (bypassing Open Qualifiers)
  • Teams that earned their spot from the previous Rival Series season will be auto-seeded into Day 3 of the Open Qualifiers
  • The 32 qualified teams will be placed into two groups of 16 with each playing a Swiss format
  • The top eight teams from each group will proceed to another 16-team Swiss format
  • The top eight teams from that group will move on to a single-elimination bracket
  • All events in the Fall Split will be online
  • Sign-ups are open now and will close on July 24 for each region's first Regional Event
  • Broadcasts for the Fall Split will begin on August 1 with the first European Regional Event

The format changes come after Cloud9 and mouseports departed the scene.

Psyonix Revamps Rocket League Esports With Year-Long RLCS X
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