Prince of Persia The Lost Crown Azhdaha Boss Guide

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Prince of Persia The Lost Crown Azhdaha Boss Guide

Prince of Persia The Lost Crown will give you the chance to fight different types of bosses during the course of your adventure. Some of them, like the Prince of Persia The Lost Crown Azhdaha boss, will be very epic to face, but that doesn't mean you should let yourself be distracted. In fact, it is something that will lead you straight down the road to death. Even if the temptation to get distracted by the majesty of this boss is great, you will have to stay focused and use a good strategy to get the better of it. In this article, we will therefore explain everything you need to know about this boss fight.

How to Beat the Prince of Persia The Lost Crown Azhdaha Boss

Also in this case, as often happens in games and as you also had the opportunity to experience in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown when you fought against Jahandar, for example, the boss fight is made up of two distinct phases. Each of the two phases is different and the boss will make use of other attacks that can put you in difficulty. For this reason, you must always remain attentive and not get caught up in the heat and haste. Let's see together what the attacks and strategies are to follow to defeat the Prince of Persia The Lost Crown Azhdaha boss.

Phase 1

This boss will not be easy to face at all, so be prepared for a long and difficult battle. The general advice we can give you is to learn his pattern well in such a way as to increasingly improve your timing for parrying and dodging the blows. Most of the attacks that are present in the arsenal of the Prince of Persia The Lost Crown Azhdaha boss, consist of a series of damage-dealing instances, so it is important that you learn their timing well. Let's see together what attacks the Prince of Persia The Lost Crown Azhdaha boss will use in this first phase of the battle.

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Bite Attack

The big Azhdaha boss fight usually begins with a biting move. It gets ready with red eyes, then quickly slams its mouth down where you are and bites. You can avoid it by quickly dashing when you notice the red eyes. There are different versions of this attack. Sometimes, the biting happens right after it swings its tail. Also, in the second part of the fight, Azhdaha might bite two times in a row.

Tail Whip

When the boss has red eyes but doesn't open its mouth, it's likely going to do the Tail Whip move. In this attack, the boss hits its tail on one side of the fighting area and slides it to the other side. The only way to avoid getting hit is by jumping through it. But watch out; sometimes it's followed by a biting move, so get ready to dash while you're in the air.

Laser Attack

In this move, the boss shoots a laser from its mouth on one side of the fighting area and pulls it across. You can't avoid or block this attack, so the only way to stop getting hurt is by using the Shadow ability. In the second part of the fight, this move gets stronger, and the boss also drops some stones on the ground after the laser passes. To stay safe, you can use the shadow ability while in the air and then swiftly dash when you come back down.

Orb Field

This is another move you can't dodge because the boss creates many orbs all over the fighting area. They drop quickly and cause a big explosion. But you can grab one of these orbs using the Dimensional Claw. After that, you can throw it back at the boss's face to cause damage.

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Prince of Persia The Lost Crown azhdaha

Phase 2

The second phase of the battle will be more difficult than the previous one; this is a fact. However, if you follow some precautions, you may be able to overcome it more easily. We won't say without any difficulty because we would be lying. We know it will be difficult, but there are some strategies you can adopt to try to make it easier. Furthermore, in addition to the moves we have described previously, there will be other attacks in the arsenal of the Prince of Persia The Lost Crown Azhdaha boss, that he can draw on.

Yellow Attack

When the boss reaches 70 percent health and enters the second phase, it will do a yellow attack regularly. This move begins with a Tail Whip, and then the boss swings its face from one side to the other. Just jump through the Tail attack, and when the boss's head comes at you, parry at the right moment to cause a lot of damage.

Central Projectiles

In this move, the boss starts by lifting its tail from the ground in the middle and then shoots many projectiles on both sides. After avoiding the tail, you need to use dash, jump, and air dash to dodge the projectiles. If you manage to dodge most of them but one is about to hit you, you can also use the Dimensional Claw to catch it.

Normal Projectiles

In this phase, the boss does another attack where it creates several projectiles in the air and throws them at you one by one. You need to use all your abilities together to avoid getting hit by them.

Once you manage to defeat the Prince of Persia The Lost Crown Azhdaha boss, the game will give you rewards for your effort. Among them are a Some Tree Flower, Crystals, and four special arrows for the Guardians. As you can see, therefore, facing this fearsome boss will pay off and will help you increase your power in the game.

Prince of Persia The Lost Crown azhdaha

Prince of Persia The Lost Crown Azhdaha Boss Guide
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