WoW SoD Priest Runes and Locations Phase 2

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WoW SoD Priest Runes and Locations Phase 2

WoW SoD Priest Runes and Locations for Season of Discovery Phase 2 WoW Classic

Anything and everything you could ever want to know about Priest Runes in World of Warcraft Season of Diswcovery. Below, you'll find where to find all the Priest Runes in SoD, for both Phase 1 and Phase 2.

Update: Phase 2 Priest Runes are now being added, and will be updated as quick as we can.

SoD Priest Rune Locations Phase 2 

Phase 2 Runes Priest Locations

How to Find Empowered Renew

Kill Gromtotem Mobs in Thousand Needles (34,30)

Kill Crushridge Ogre mobs in Alterac Mountains (52,44)

It requires two Meditation buffs to use

How to Find Dispersion 

  • First, find a Rogue who has the Master of Subtlety Rune and Jani's Charm. The Rogue must use Pick Pocket on the trolls in Stranglethorn Vale ( 33, 14). Until you get the  Mysterious Troll Scroll
  • Now find a Mage to decipher the Scroll
  • Loot Holy Spring Water from the Holy Spring at  (28.9 62.0)location STV
  • Now with both buffs, take the scroll to the ruins at 23,8
  • Use the Holy Spring Water next to the fountain behind the elite mob Gan'Zulah. Once the Water is used you can interact with the Rune.

How to Find Mind Spike

  • Pick up the Highway Robbery quest in Desolace at 47,52
  • Then head to 63, 39 at Bibbly to get the next quest On the Lam
  • Head to the Botty Bay Inn to turn in the quest. Then buy a Cherry Grog from the Orc Marauder.
  • Now, head to Arathi Highlands. At around 53, 91 on the bridge between Arathi and Wedlands you will find a boat to interact with. This will teleport you
  • Now find Illari Duskfeather and speak with them. Fight her after the dialog options and loot the key from the bag. Use that to get the Rune
  • For Night Elf players you don't need to fight her.

How to Find Renewed Hope

Head to Desolace

  • Kill Nagas on the shoreline to acquire the item Unsettling Vision.
  • Use  Mind Control on the Slitherblade Tide Priestess to get the Meditation buff.
  • Use  theUnsettling Vision to learn the Renewed Hope Rune

How to Find Pain Surpression

  • In Scarlet Monastery Graveyard dig up Graveyard Echo from the Graves
  • Head to Arathi Highlands at (51,54) and do the same thing
  • Next, go to (63, 42) in Duskwallow Marsh
  • In Swamp of Sorrows (16.87, 53.74) – We have not verified the new location, however, we understand it's hard to spot, just a stick rather than a Grave.
  • Then, head back to SM, but this time in the Library wing. Use the Echo's on the correct Statues:
  • As you enter the room you must do it in the correct order 1, 3, 4, 2 – the order of the statues is random, but this is the order you must use the Echos, otherwise the statues will turn Red
  • 1 = Right as you enter
  • 2= straight ahead
  • 3 = middle of the room on the right
  • 4 = far end, opposite 1
  • Warrior – Swamp Echo
  • Mage –  Arathi Echo
  • Paladin –  Theramore Echo
  • Priest –  Graveyard Echo
  • Loot the Memory of a Leader's Betrayal to learn Paun Suppression
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How to Find Spirit of the Redeemer

  • Go to Deadwind Pass and speak with the Dalaran Agent at 52, 35 to get Ariden's Sigil.
  • With this trinket equipt (or with another player in the group with it) you must kill seven hidden Dark Rider Elites. This is a group quest, and probably best done with other people on the quest. You will get Seven relics which are as follows
  • Deadwind Pass: 43, 29
  • Duskwood: 23 47
  • Swamp of Sorrows: 69 28
  • Arathi Highlands:60 40
  • Badlands: 58 54
  • The Barrens:  52 36
  • Desolace: 65 25
  • Once you have all seven, head back to the Dalaran Agent and turn them in for some XP and silver
  • Once all seven are done, you'll have your Rune

SoD Priest Rune Locations Phase 1

How to Find Serendipity in Season of Discovery

Once you hit level 20, head to Grizzby in Ratchet and complete his quests.

  1. 16x Shredder Turbocharger:
  2. 20x  Dark Iron Ordinance
  3. 24x  Fish Oil

Hand these in to Grizzby before heading to your faction capital, and then go back to Grizzby. You can now purchase the Rune for 5g

How to Find Strength of Soul in Season of Discovery

  1. Kill Thistlefur mobs in Ashenvale until you get the Primal Insight
  2. Climb the tree at (38, 29) in Ashenvale. Use Primal Insight next to the dream catcher. You will receive Prophecy of Seven Visitors.

How to Get Twisted Faith in Season of Discovery

  • Dwarf: Kill Kobolds in  Loch Modan 36, 20 until you get Offering Coin. Throw the Offering Coin into to well within the cave.
  • Human: Drops from Undying Laborer  (Skeleton) in the Gold Coast Quarry in Westfall. You will need to use Holy Damage to land the killing blow.
  • Night Elf: Kill Naga in Darkshore until you get the item Shatterspear Offering. Jump into the pit in at the Ruins of Mathystra and use the Shatterspear Offering on the statue.
  • Undead: Dropped from Wailing Spirit in Silverpine Forest (60, 74).
  • Troll: Kill Razormane mobs in the Barrens until you receive the Helping Hand buff. Use Resurrection on someone to receive the spell.

How to Find Void Plague in Season of Discovery

  • Human: Drops from Goldtooth in Elwynn Forest
  • Night Elf: Very bottom of Ban’ethil Borrow Den in Teldrassil.
  • Dwarf: Drops from Leper Gnome in Dun Morogh (26,41).
  • Troll: Drops from Kul Tiras Sailor and Kul Tiras Marine in Durotar.
  • Undead: Drops from an elite Murloc in the West of Tirisfal (25, 47).

How to Find Circle of Healing in Season of Discovery

  • Get Dark Insight by killing Defias in Duskwood.
  • Head to the secluded grave in Darkshire (90,31).

How to Find Mind Sear in Season of Discovery

Purchase for 4 gold 50 silver from the new Supply Faction when you hit honored.

How to Find Penance in Season of Discovery

This is your level two quest. Head to your Priest trainer in your starting zone.

How to Find Shadow Word: Death in Season of Discovery

Human: Kill Leprithus in Westfall.

Dwarf: Kill Mo'grosh Enforcer in Loch Modan.

Night Elf: Interact with a glowing orb on a small island near the docks in Auberdine at (31,47).

Undead: Go to Fenris Island in Silverwood and climb the tower. Above you will find a scroll on a table at Thule Ravenclaw that you can loot.

Troll: Find Desert Mirage in the wasteland near Ratchet (55,35). Cast Dispel Magic on Desert Mirage

How to Find Homunculi in Season of Discovery

Human: Dropped from Defias mobs on the Stonecairn Lake Island in Elwynn Forest
Dwarf: Drops from Frostmane Seer and Frostmane Shadowcaster near Shimmer Ridge in Dun Morogh
Night Elf: Drops from Rascal Sprite in Fel Rock Cave north of  Dolanaar
Undead: Drops from Scarlet Warrior and Scarlet Missionary near Solliden’s Farmstead Tirisfal Glade
Troll: Drops from Voodoo Troll at Zalazane in Durotar.

How to Find Power Word: Barrier in Season of Discovery

Kill Blackrock Elite Orcs in Stonewatch in Lakeshire until you receive the Prophecy of a City

How to Find Prayer of Mending in Season of Discovery

This requires two players to complete. They must be a Paladin or Priest.

Human: Head East past Jerod’s Landing in Elwynn Forest, Click the summon a portal with a friend to summon a mob that will die instantly
Dwarf: West of Kharanos Click the summon a portal with a friend to summon a mob that will die instantly
Night Elf: Southwest of the Oracle Glade Click the summon a portal with a friend to summon a mob that will die instantly
Troll and Undead: South of Durotar (48,80)Click the summon a portal with a friend to summon a mob that will die instantly

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How to Find Shared Pain in Season of Discovery

Human: Drops from Kobold in Elwynn Forest
Night Elf: Drops from Lord Melenas in Teldrassil 51,50
Dwarf: Drops from Captain Beld in Dun Morogh 78, 62
Troll: Drops from Makasgar and Gazz'uz in Durotar
Undead: Drops fron Tirisfal Farmer in Tirisfal

All SoD Priest Runes

Priest Phase 1 Runes


  • Void Plague – Causes Shadow damage for over 18 seconds.
  • Serendipity – Flash heal reduces the cast time for your next lesser Heal, Heal, Greater Heal, or Prayer of Healing for 20 seconds.
  • Strength of Soul – Lesser Heal, Heal, Greater Heal, and Flash Heal reduce the duration of Weakened Soul on target by 4 seconds.
  • Twisted Faith – Mind Flay and Mindblast deal increased damage to targets with Shadow Word: Pain.


  • Power Word: Barrier – Summons a barrier that reduces all damage taken for all party members by 25%.
  • Shared Pain – Shadow Word: Pain now spreads to 2 more targets within 15 yards.
  • Homunculi – Create 3 small copies of yourself that will attack your target, reducing their efficiency the longer they attack.
  • Prayer of Mending – Heals the target the next time it deals damage. This effect will then jump to a party member within 20 yards up to 5 times and lasts up to 30 seconds.


  • Penance – Deals Holy damage to an enemy or heals an ally instantly for 2 seconds.
  • Mind Sear – Deals Shadow damage for 5 seconds to all enemies within 10 yards.
  • Circle of Healing – Heals party members with 15 yards of the target.
  • Shadow Word: Death – Deal Shadow damage. if the target is not killed by Shadow Word: Death, the caster will take the same damage taken by the target.

Priest Phase 2 Runes


  • Divine Aegis: When healing critically a protective shield will appear on the target that will absorb an additional 30% of the amount healed in damage for 12 seconds.
  • Shadowfiend: Creates a fiend that'll attack the target and recovers 5% mana whenever the Shadowfiend attacks for 15 seconds.


  • Empowered Renew: Renew now heals an extra time when applied, it also gains 15% more benefit each time it heals from bonus healing effects. Renew can now also be active on targets under the effect of another Priest's Renew.
  • Mind Spike: Damages the target with massive Shadowfrost damage and increases the chance of a critical strike with the next Mind Blast by 30%. Stacks up to 3 times.
  • Renewed Hope: Flash Heal, Lesser Heal, Heal, Greater Heal, and Penance now have a 10% chance of landing critically on a target afflicted with Weakened Soul.


  • Despair: Damage by Damage over Time effects can now land critical strikes.
  • Surge of Light: Landing Critical casts will make the cast for the next Smite, Flash Heal or Binding Heal instant for 15 seconds.
  • Void Zone: A summoned Void Zone will deal massive Shadow Damage to every enemy target in the marked area for 10 seconds.


  • Dispersion: For 6 seconds all damage taken is reduced by 90% and the Priest will recover 6% mana per second as long as the effect lasts. While Dispersion is active, the Priest is unable to attack or cast any spells.  Dispersion can be cast while under the effect of Stun, Fear, and Silence, and clears any movement and snaring effects when cast. It'll also make the Priest immune to them during the duration of the skill.
  • Pain Suppression: Reduces all damage taken by 40% and resistance to Dispel mechanics by 65% for 8 seconds for a friendly target.
  • Spirit of the Redeemer: For 30 seconds the Priest can become the Spirit of Redemption. This allows them to cast healing spells without any cost but takes away their ability to move, attack, be attacked, or have any effects effect them. Requires the talent Spirit of Redemption to be active and Spirit of Redemption can no longer be cast when dying.

For more on Season of Discovery and Runes, check out our dedicated page here and for everything else Classic+ check us out on ESTNN

WoW SoD Priest Runes and Locations Phase 2
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