Preregister for Closed Beta Access to Once Human Now

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Preregister for Closed Beta Access to Once Human Now

NetEase's upcoming Sandbox Survival MMO is in Closed Beta right now, and you can join the action by preregistering.

The Day Before left quite a sour taste in the mouths of fans of the survival genre. Luckily, on the same day The Day Before came out, December 7, a better survival experience, Once Human, entered its Closed Beta 2.0 testing period.

What is Once Human?

Developed by Starry Studio, a development team under NetEase, Once Human is a multiplayer open-world survival game slated for release in Q3 2024. In Once Human, you face off against deadly foes that were once human (Roll credits) and fight off the ever-increasing Stardust pollution plaguing the planet. 

There are numerous accessories, gun perks, and over 100 weapon blueprints to uncover, and players have many options for their loadouts and character builds. Be a lone wolf or team up with one of the game's many factions and take on the post-apocalypse together. 

Off to a Smashing Start

So far, Once Human's Closed Beta 2.0 has been quite successful, reaching multiple milestones. Once Human recently hit 200,000 Discord members and 400,000 Steam wishlists. 

Initially, the Closed Beta had 20,000 first-come, first-serve spots open. After quickly filling those slots up, technical issues with the servers sprang up, and the dev team had to remove the launcher download entirely from the website. 

Curious gamers who missed out on those first 20,000 slots still have a chance to check out Once Human for themselves. To celebrate Once Human's success, the dev team is handing out thousands of beta access codes this week. They'll be selecting 10,000 preregistered players through emails and are currently giving out thousands more access codes in their Discord. 

Any player who creates an account on one of Once Human's servers by December 30 will earn exclusive Closed Beta 2.0 rewards. They are hosting other giveaways on their Discord for physical and in-game goodies. 

If you're a fan of survival games, you should be pleased when Once Human comes out.

Preregister for Closed Beta Access to Once Human Now
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