Pokémon TCG Live: February 2023 Ladder Rewards

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Pokémon TCG Live: February 2023 Ladder Rewards

With a new month comes a new Ladder Season in Pokémon TCG Live.

This month's Ladder rewards consist mostly of avatar cosmetics, with a few big bonuses sprinkled in.

Quick League

The Quick League, being the lowest and easiest ranked tier, actually comes with some of the most exciting rewards. All of these rewards are received at the beginning of the Ladder at Togepi rank.

  • x500 Credits
  • Shaymin Sky Forme: March 2022 Ladder Reward Coin
  • Dragon: April 2022 Ladder Reward Coin
  • Whimsicott: May 2022 Ladder Reward Coin
  • Water: June 2022 Ladder Reward Coin
  • Mewtwo: July 2022 Ladder Reward Coin
  • Greninja: August 2022 Ladder Reward Coin
  • Zacian: February 2023 Ladder Reward Coin

It looks like players that join the beginning of the last Beta Ladder season will get one last chance to receive the rewards that players during the closed betas were able to receive as well. A way to reward all of the Global Beta players before the game launches in full.

Poké League

Upon reaching Pikachu rank on the Ladder at 200 trophies, players will receive the first batch of purely cosmetic rewards. (Each avatar cosmetic reward gives one male, and one female version.)

  • Green/Black Striped Beanie
  • Fire Baseball Cap
  • Red Trucker Hat
  • Psychic Trucker Hat
  • Water Baseball Cap
  • Grey Trucker Hat
  • Fairy Trucker Hat

For those who play with their friends, or play Fire, Psychic, Water, or Fairy decks, these items will be a great feature to show off their character. For anybody else, it's a bit simple reward, but still plenty of free stuff to collect.

Great League

The most boring of rewards comes from the Great League. Seven different pairs of pants are all you'll receive for making it halfway up the ladder to Greninja rank at 600 trophies.

  • Tan Pants
  • Black/Purple Leggings
  • Light Green Cargo Shorts
  • Grey Classic Jean
  • Blue Classic Jeans
  • Grey Leggings
  • Pink Classic Jeans

While it's nothing special, the wardrobe is quite basic, so the addition of a few new types of pants isn't the worst thing for the first Global Beta season.

Ultra League

After reaching Ultra League at Azelf rank for winning 1,320 trophies, the player will receive some more avatar cosmetics, along with dome Deck Boxes.

  • Black Tennis Shoes
  • Pink-Strap Sandals
  • Blue Ankle-Strap Sandals
  • Blue Pokémon Sneakers
  • Black/Purple Tennis Shoes
  • Green Athletic Shoes
  • Blue-Strap Sandals
  • Zacian Deck Box
  • Shaymin Sky Forme Deck Box
  • Whimsicott Deck Box
  • Dragon Deck Box
  • Mewtwo Deck Box
  • Greninja Deck Box
  • Water Deck Box

As you can see, the best part about Ultra League is the quantity of rewards you receive. Plenty of options are given for avatar customizations choices alongside seven different deck boxes to help theme your deck.

Master League

For those dedicated enough to hit Master League, at least up to the first rank, Deoxys, there is the most noticeable cosmic yet. Tops. Seven different shirts, jackets and sweaters make up the majority of what you can show off with your avatar.

  • Fire T-Shirt
  • White Poké Ball T-Shirt
  • Fairy T-Shirt
  • Blue Shirt and Checkered Hoodie
  • Purple Shirt and Black Hoodie
  • Water Hoodie
  • Yellow Classic Trainer Varsity Jacket

While this is cool, it may seem like a lackluster reward for reaching the highest tier. Well, for those who reach Arceus rank, the highest of all, there are some great bonus rewards waiting.

  • Sword & Shield-Silver Tempest Box (9 Packs)
  • Shaymin Sky Forme Card Sleeves
  • Dragon Card Sleeves
  • Whimsicott Card Sleeves
  • Water Card Sleeves
  • Mewtwo Card Sleeves
  • Greninja Card Sleeves
  • Zacian Cards Sleeves

By far the best rewards, with plenty of free packs and seven different card sleeves to customize the only part of your deck that the opponent will be looking at for the entire match. The best trainers receive the best rewards by far.

Pokémon TCG Live: February 2023 Ladder Rewards
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