What Starter Pokemon Will We Get in Pokemon Legends Z-A?

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What Starter Pokemon Will We Get in Pokemon Legends Z-A?

The Pokemon Legends games take starter Pokemon from previous games and put fresh takes on them. We will be looking into what starter Pokemon we may get in Pokemon Legends Z-A

Pokemon Day brought Pokemon fans the best news they could have ever expected—a brand new Pokemon Legends game based on the Kalos region. Not only that but fans are also being treated to a game they have been asking for over a decade now- Pokemon Z. 

The announcement of the game had taken game theorists by storm. Pokefans quickly rushed to theorize how big the game would be, what new megas we would get, and most importantly, what starter Pokemon we would get. We will be trying to answer the final question in this article today.

What Starter Pokemon Will We Get in Pokemon Legends Z-A?

Pokemon Legends Arceus had a unique way of doing starter Pokemon. They took starters from different regions and generations and put them together. They were: Oshawatt (Unova, Gen 5), Rowlett (Alola, Gen 7) and Cindaquil (Johto, Gen 2). Additionally, each of the final evolutions got a new form. These forms are called Hisuian forms based on the region the game focused on. (Hisui)

Starter Pokemon That Will Not Come to Legends Z-A

The first starters that will be eliminated are the starters from the previous Legends game. We can guarantee that Cyndaquill, Rowlett and Oshawatt will not reappear as the starters for this game.

The second trio of Pokemon we can eliminate is the Kalos starters. The Legends games return to a region that already had a game. However, they put a new spin on it. Legends Arceus took us back to Sinnoh. However, this version of Sinnoh is different from the one in the Gen 4 games. The game takes us to an ancient Sinnoh, where people were still afraid of Pokemon. 

This ancient Sinnoh is called Hisui. All this is to say that the game did not feature starter Pokemon from their home region. Therefore, we can safely conclude that the Kalos starters will not be our starting Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Z-A. However, we do think they should make an appearance in the wild.

Similar to the Kalos starters, we think the Kanto starters are also eliminated due to the same reason. Pokemon X and Y gave the players two sets of starter Pokemon. The Kalos and Kanto starters. Since Kalos previously gave us the Kanto Starters, we do not think the region will provide us with the same starters again.

The next trio to be eliminated are the Hoenn starters. The Hoenn games were remade in Gen 6 of the Pokemon games. In these remakes, Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, the starters got new Mega evolutions. Since Mega evolutions are coming back with Legends Z-A, we think GameFreak would want to give Pokemon that did not have Mega evolutions before new Megas.

The final Gen of Starters that we think will not make an appearance is the Paldean/Gen 9 Starter Pokemon. The most recent generation of starter Pokemon are unlikely to reappear as starters in this game. This is mainly because Pokemon does not want to highlight their newest generation of starters out of their main game. This is primarily done so that people buy the games that they have been released in.

Starter Pokemon That Legends Z-A Can Choose From

What Starter Pokemon Will We Get in Pokemon Legends Z-A?

After stating all the Pokemon that cannot be chosen, here are all the Pokemon that can be used:

  • Totodile
  • Chikorita
  • Chimchar
  • Turtwig
  • Piplup
  • Snivy
  • Tepig
  • Litten
  • Popplio
  • Sable
  • Skorbunny
  • Grookey
  • Sable

Starter Pokemon That We Think We Will Get in Pokemon Legends Z-A

We will pick one Pokemon from each typing that we want to see as the game's starters.

Totodile – Water Type

What Starter Pokemon Will We Get in Pokemon Legends Z-A?
Credit: Pokemon

Totodile is the most beloved Pokemon from Gen 2. It is unbelievable that the cutest starter from one of the most beloved regions never got more love. Totodile deserves to be highlighted in a new game as it is the best Johto started and has the most diverse moveset. On top of that, a new form or Mega Evolution would be the icing on the cake for our little crocodile Pokemon.

Additionally, Ash’s Totodile from the Pokemon anime is loved by every Pokemon fan. Ash has retired from his reign as the protagonist of the anime. Adding Totodile as a starter choice would highlight one of Ash’s most beloved Pokemon.

Turtwig – Grass Type

What Starter Pokemon Will We Get in Pokemon Legends Z-A?
Credit: Pokemon

Turtwig, one of the less popular starters from the Sinnoh region, unfortunately, missed out on an appearance in Legends Arceus. Now, it's time for this beloved Grass Turtle Pokémon to take center stage. With its endearing design and small but loyal fanbase, Turtwig deserves a chance to shine again.

Turtwig's potential for a new Mega evolution or form opens up exciting possibilities for its design and gameplay mechanics. This opportunity not only revitalizes interest in Turtwig but also enriches the Pokémon universe with fresh experiences for trainers to enjoy.

Skorbunny – Fire Type

What Starter Pokemon Will We Get in Pokemon Legends Z-A?
Credit: Pokemon

Skorbunny is one of the starters from the Galar region. Gen 8 was not featured in Legends Arceus as it had come out a little before the game’s release. Therefore, the developers could not add them. Additionally, as we discussed earlier, they do not want to push their current generation of starters into games that come out while they are still fresh. This makes Legends Z-A the perfect time for the Galar mons to make themselves known in the game.

We chose Skorbunny as not only is he a great Pokemon with a fun design, but he also ties in with the lore of Kalos. Kalos is based off of France. France is famous for their soccer team and soccer club. The country absolutely loves the sport, and Skorbunny is a soccer-playing rabbit. We think Skorbunny is a perfect fit for the region and cannot wait to see if he gets added.

What We Want From the Starter Pokemon in Legends Z-A

The Starter Pokemon are usually a player’s favorite Pokemon as they accompany them throughout the journey. We, like most fans, have certain expectations from these Pokemon.

Firstly, we want the starters to get something new. This can be either a regional variant or a Mega Evolution. As Megas are coming back, it is unlikely that the starters will get a new form, but that does not stop us from wanting one. The Hisuian variants of the starters in Legends Arceus is what made them stand out in the first place.

Additionally, as Mega Evolutions are coming back, we want the starters to get the Megas.

Secondly, no matter which three end up being chosen as the starters, we want to see the rest of the starters in the wild. It would be amazing to catch starter Pokemon in the wild, like in the DLC of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

GameFreak has been criticized for its poor decision-making in the previous games that it put out. Legends Z-A, however, seems to be a step in the right direction for the company, and fans are beyond excited to get their hands on the game. Hopefully, the game will come out as amazing as the fans want them to be and we can receive some fantastic starters with new gimmicks.

What Starter Pokemon Will We Get in Pokemon Legends Z-A?
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