Pokemon Infinite Fusion: How Fan-Made Games Should Be

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Pokemon Infinite Fusion: How Fan-Made Games Should Be

Pokemon Infinite Fusion is a fresh new fan-made Pokemon game taking the community by storm, allowing infinite fusion of Pokemon

Ever since the first generation of Pokemon games, fans have taken it upon themselves to create their own versions of the iconic games. Starting with hacks allowing the player to roam the tall grass beyond the borders of Pallet town in gen 1 to rom hacks like Pokemon Radical Red. Pokemon Fusions has been a topic of discussion among the community for a while. No one, however, attempted to take on such an ambitious project till this game.

With the lackluster release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and the super slow release of its DLCs, Pokemon Infinite Fusion took over the awaiting fan base’s hearts.

Fan-made Pokemon games have always been a risky venture due to Nintendo constantly taking down the fans’ hard work. Despite this ordeal, PokeCommunity user Schrroms took it upon themselves to create this marvelous game.

How Pokemon Infinite Fusion is Unique

The game functions similarly to every other Pokemon game. Allowing one to capture, train and battle Pokemon. However by adding fusions to the mix, it makes the game its own unique spin-off. The game starts with the Kanto region, where the main game takes place and extends to Johto post-game.

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The game also provides a brand-new story to accompany the gameplay. Here’s how the Game expands upon the existing games:


Every Pokemon game follows the protagonist trying to become the best trainer in the region while taking on an evil team. The game follows a similar thread as the player starts their journey in Pallet Town of Kanto. However, from the very start of the game, the player’s rival makes it clear that this Kanto is different from the one we’ve known and loved. DNA Splicers are used by the humans of this region to fuse two Pokemon and make them stronger than they were alone. The fan-favorite Team Rocket also returns as the antagonist of the game. Their motivation this time, however, is to take over the world using a triple fusion of three legendary bird Pokemon, Moltres, Articuno and Zapdos.


Pokemon Infinite Fusion: How Fan-Made Games Should BePokemon Infinite Fusion: How Fan-Made Games Should Be

Credit: Pokemon Infinite Fusion


The game contains all Pokemon from Generations (Gen) 1 and 2. The game also features a number of Pokemon from Gen 3-7. This puts the grand total of Pokemon to 466. Considering Pokemon has over 1K Pokemon after the recent Gen this number may seem a little low. However, after fusing all the Pokemon the result is an astonishing 217,176 unique new Pokemon. Each of these Pokemon are also paired with their own unique sprite art.

The fusions are made by combining the top half of a Pokemon with the bottom half of another. The features of the Pokemon also intertwine with one another to create either amazing new power creatures or hideous ones that are still equally as powerful. The resulting Pokemon gets a dual typing from the Pokemon that have been fused. The player has the freedom to choose the ability of whichever Pokemon they see fit and has access to both the Pokemon’s move pools.

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The gyms and trainers also have their own unique spin:


The Pokemon Gym is a staple in the series. The player has to prove their might to the strongest trainer of a town in a region to earn a badge to prove their worth. The gyms trainers use Pokemon fusions as well, allowing the player to face an unforeseen challenge. For example, the player may prepare for the rock-type gym by combining a fighting-type Pokemon with a grass-type Pokemon only to face a rock, flying type. The flying type is 4 times stronger than the grass-fighting type. Additionally, the player can only use the same amount of Pokemon as the gym leader.

In Conclusion

Due to the unique mechanics Pokemon Infinite Fusion offers, the old tried and true method of playing Pokemon games has a new spin on them. This allows Pokemon fans, no matter how old they are, can experience the game in a completely new way.

Pokemon Infinite Fusion: How Fan-Made Games Should Be
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