Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: Dark Tera Charizard Distribution

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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: Dark Tera Charizard Distribution

From July 21st to August 31st, all trainers will be able to get an exclusive Dark Tera Charizard.

Friede's Dark Tera Charizard from the Pokémon Horizons is now available for trainers through a Mystery Gift Distribution.

Dark Tera Charizard

Dark Tera Charizard

Dark Tera Charizard has been a Pokémon that has been pushed quite a bit lately. Appearing in the anime, TCG, and now games, it seems it's one of the Pokémon we're meant to enjoy. Let's see if this new Charizard is as great as we're meant to think it is.

Charizard - #006 - Serebii.net Pokédex

Level: 50
Tera Type: Dark
Ability: Blaze
Nature: Adamant
Moves: Crunch, Flare Blitz, Acrobatics, Belly Drum

So there you have it! This event Charizard is a physical attacking Charizard! With a Tera boosted Crunch, and a full physical set, this Charizard is bound to catch other players off guard in competitive battles. Of course, it can still be built in a more usual fashion with some adjustments. By giving it a Modest Mint and giving it a Special Attack moveset that includes Dark Pulse, it can carry a more standard set while still taking advantage of its Tera Type.

Mystery Gift Code

Even if you choose not to build a team around this Charizard, it's a very interesting event Pokémon to grab for free through the Mystery Gift Code: DARKTERA0006. 

Make sure to get your before the event ends on August 31st!

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: Dark Tera Charizard Distribution
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