Play Like The Pros: Best Call of Duty Warzone Loadout

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Play Like The Pros: Best Call of Duty Warzone Loadout

There are many different loadouts used the professional Warzone players — here’s the best one to get you that sought after Warzone victory.

You can acquire a Loadout in Warzone via two free drops or for $10,000 at a buy station. The first free drop will come in with around 14 seconds left of the first circle closing. While the second will come around 50 seconds before the fifth circle starts to close. Pros use many different weapons within Warzone, but mainly an Assault Rifle and Submachine Gun combo is the loadout of choice. Here’s the best Warzone loadout you can put together today.

Primary: Grau 5.56 (AR)

The Grau is the Assault Rifle of choice for this loadout. Many use the M4A1, however the low recoil and cleaner iron sights of the Grau make it the better option for those long range engagements.

A screenshot from the ingame loadout showing the Grau Assault Rifle

The Monolithic Suppressor is an essential attachment for Warzone, it increases Damage Range while also not showing your shots on the minimap for other players to see. The Tempus 26.4” Archangel barrel is what gives you the clean iron sights you see on the Grau. Along with this Damage Range, Bullet Velocity and Recoil Control are all increased.

The Tac Laser could be debated, however the increased aim down sight speed is more important to the build than you’d think. While having a laser does not make you stand out as you have a secondary to clear buildings with. The Commando foregrip reduces recoil while the 50 round mags give you the extra bullets needed to kill multiple targets.

Secondary: MP5 (SMG)

The MP5 is one of the best guns of all time. Its high damage, clean iron sights and mobility make it the perfect secondary for any Warzone Loadout.

A screenshot of the warzone loadout screen showing the MP5 Gunsmith

The Monolithic Suppressor is used once again, however this time it is the “integral” version in the barrel. This is because although it appears to have the same stats, the integral suppressor actually performs better in game than the normal one. The Merc Foregrip increases hip fire to the point the professional players have “GA’d” it within the CDL.

The FTAC Collapsable Stock increases Movement Speed and aim down sight speed. 45 Round mags give you the extra bullets needed when taking on multiple targets at once. Finally, Rubberized Grip Tape increased Recoil Control making the weapon easier to handle.


An image from the loadout screen featuring the selected perks and their icons. EOD is a blue shield with a bullet hole, Overkill is red with two rifles back to back, amped is a yellow lightning cloud with a handprint in the middle.

E.O.D: E.O.D allows you to “take reduced damage from non-killstreak explosives and fire”. This is a necessity in Warzone as most players use C4 regularly, meaning you cannot be killed with one C4.

Overkill: Overkill allows you to run a primary as your secondary, this is how we have a Grau and MP5 in the same loadout.

Amped: Amped gives you “faster weapon swap and rocket launcher reload speed” this is useful for when you need to swap weapons entering a building or running out of ammo.

Lethal: C4

A screen shot from the Warzone loadout screen of the selected perk featuring the words Lethal: C4 alongside an image of a C4 packet

C4 is easy to throw and can be detonated when you decide, this is good as it can be used when attacking and defending.

Tactical: Heartbeat Sensor

A screenshot from the Warzone loadout showing the Tactical: Heartbeat Sensor perk with an odometer alongside

The Heartbeat Sensor allows you to see if any enemies are within a 50m radius of you. However, this can be countered by the perk Ghost.

It is useful to have a second loadout with “Ghost” instead of “Overkill” in your perk two slot. This is because when you get the second free loadout or you buy one and get a free drop, you can pick up this secondary loadout. This allows you to then have your ordinary loadout with two primaries, but also have the perk Ghost. This keeps you off the minimap and heartbeat sensors.

This is the best Warzone Loadout in the game as of now, used by many Warzone players such as Vikkstar123, WarsZ, Jukeyz and many more. Along with CDL professionals such as Priestahh, Cellium and aBeZy.

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