Is the MP5 the Best Gun in Call of Duty History?

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Is the MP5 the Best Gun in Call of Duty History?

In a game which usually supports two AR’s as the meta, we take a look at why that's changed in Modern Warfare.

Call of Duty esports has usually supported two or even three Assault Rifles as the meta. However, in Modern Warfare, teams have resorted to running one Main AR with two Subs and two Flex players. So, why is this? The M4 and MP5 are the respective Assault Rifle and Submachine Gun of choice. They are the best in their respective class in the game, but is the MP5 a little too good?

With teams running 4 MP5’s on most respawn maps in the Call of Duty League, it is clear that it is an exceptionally strong weapon. London Royal Ravens substitute Byron ‘Nastie’ Plumridge, revealed the true power of the MP5 through multiple Twitter videos.

This clip shows how the MP5 is capable of shooting through the side of a cave, which the M4 is not. Honestly, no weapon should be able to penetrate a thick cave wall. If any can though, it probably should be the AR, though its definitely still a stretch. Another clip shows a wall on the map Gun Runner in the location pros call “Bathrooms”. This wall allows you to kill a player one way, but not the other. Although this may be a mix of poor weapon balancing and poor map design, it proves something. The MP5 truly is the best gun within Modern Warfare.

Seattle Surge’s Octane revealed today how the MP5 is able to kill a player across the map in one less shot than the M4 Assault Rifle.

A recent Reddit post saw the community debate this question, with the majority answering no. They concluded that, of course, there have been SMGs that have been very powerful before. One example is the Vector from Call of Duty Ghosts, where teams were seen running four Vectors at times when the league was 4v4. And some have even been used as an Assault Rifle at times, such as the Maddox from Black Ops 4. Is the MP5 the best gun in CoD history? That’s for you to decide.

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