Call of Duty League Pros Agree To New “GA” Rules

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Call of Duty League Pros Agree To New “GA” Rules

After a discussion around four aspects of the game, the players have decided to GA three of them

Before we go any further, we should explain what GA actually means. GA stands for Gentleman's Agreement, in practice, this is the player's own ruleset on top of the CDL rules. This ensures that aspects of the game which pros find overpowered aren't abused and the game is entertaining to watch while still being competitive. Weapons such as the Oden are allowed by CDL rules, but are GA'd by the professionals as it kills in two shots from some ranges, making it too good and not competitive to use.

The four game mechanics under scrutiny were Auto Tactical Sprint, 10mm MP5 Rounds, Merc Foregrip and Snaking. Dallas Empire’s Shotzzy confirmed during his stream that ATS, Merc Foregrip and Snaking were now all GA’d. As some people are confused by the term “snaking”, Slacked provided us with a prime example back in Infinite Warfare. This makes it very hard to hit you and gives you an unfair advantage in 1v1 situations.

Many fans were confused as to why the 10mm rounds were not GA’d too. This ammunition conversion increased damage range, and as YouTuber Xclusive Ace shows here, the MP5 can kill in one less shot than the M4 at long ranges. The new Gentlemen's Agreement may have gone too far by adding Auto Tactical Sprint, this is a setting in the game and as Clayster points out, players have been using it all year. The next event is in Minnesota on June 5. We’ll have to wait until then to see if the new GA is being honored.

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