Play Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis PC Guide

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Play Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis PC Guide

Want to know how the Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis PC works? We'll tell you.

Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis just released on Android a week ago and has reached over 3.5 million downloads since then. It's a great mobile title that lets you relive some of the highlights of the compilation of Final Fantasy 7 as well as some completely new story beats. After all, we still don't know Sephiroth.

And it's nice to see that the already canceled First Soldier Mobile game is getting some love by getting its own campaign. But let's say you don't want to play a mobile game on mobile. We'll show you how to play Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis on PC.

Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis PC

Setting up Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis PC

Thanks to modern technology, it is quite easy to emulate Android titles on Windows platforms. There is even an official app by Google which is still in beta. But we recommend using BlueStacks 5 instead for a more stable experience.

Simply download the app, download the installation and you should be good to go. Now you have access to the Google PlayStore to download whatever app you desire. Simply search for Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis, Download the App, and download the game content within the app.

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Now you only need to check if your CPU has Virtualization enabled. If not, you'll only be able to make use of a single Core while emulating mobile games on your PC. You can check if Virtualization is enabled by opening the Task Manager, hitting Performance, and selecting the CPU. If it's set up accordingly, Virtualization should be enabled.

Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis PC

How to Enable CPU Virtualization

To enable CPU Virtualization you need to enter your Motherboard BIOs menu. This is different from Motherboard to Motherboard so you'll first need to find out what kind of Motherboard you have. If you're on Windows 10 or 11 you can do this by pressing the Windows Key + R and typing msinfo32. You'll find your motherboard there next to Baseboard Product.

Now it's only a matter of Googling how to get into the BIOs menu when booting up your PC. Here you check the CPU configuration and enable Virtualization, save your settings and you're done. Now BlueStacks and or the Google App player can make full use of your CPU.

Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis PC

About Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

FF7 Ever Crisis is a free-to-play mobile game that aims to recreate some of the iconic moments of the Final Fantasy 7 Compilation in an art style based on the original 1997 release. It currently includes abridged versions of the intro segments of both Final Fantasy 7 and Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core as well as original content based on the defuncted mobile title First Soldier.

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The First Soldier campaign is about ShinRa's rise to power as well as Sephiroth's rise to be a legendary war hero witnessed by a cast of original characters. This original content makes FF7 Ever Crisis already worth playing.

Square Enix plans to update the game regularly until all of the Compilation finds its way there and perhaps if there is enough demand, we'll even see a sort-of remaster of the PlayStation 2 spinoff Dirge of Cerberus.

The game is developed by a separate team and has nothing to do with the current, ongoing Final Fantasy 7 Remake project which just announced the release date of its second part “Rebirth” during the recent PlayStation State of Play.

For more on Final Fantasy 7 and coverage of the upcoming Tokyo Game Show stick around here on ESTNN. We also have an extended guide for Rerolling here as well as a Guide on how to fix the game's much-loathed Stamina System.

Play Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis PC Guide
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