Pikmin 4 Reviews Roundup

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Pikmin 4 Reviews Roundup

Pikmin 4 reviews have been put online, revealing how the game managed to convince critics who decided to award this new Nintendo Switch game with good marks. This is not a novelty, since the game that has been showed during these past months had all the potential to be a great game, and thanks to what we saw thanks to the demo. And, indeed, this is the case.

As of this writing, the score on Metacritic is 88. The game officially released on July 19 and is available on Nintendo Switch. If you are interested in buying the game but you are still hesitant, in this Pikmin 4 reviews roundup article, we have decided to include reviews from some of the major specialized publications in the sector.

Dexerto – 10/10

“Pikmin 4 is an absolute delight. It’s packed full of humor and charm and never failed to put a smile on my face. Whether you’re a hardened fan or a newcomer to the franchise, there’s plenty to love in this imaginative, morbid, satisfying sequel.” [Read full review] – Daniel Megarry

Eurogamer – 10/10

“Pikmin 4 fills itself and your time with a rich array of things to do, things to find, goals to chase and places to explore. It may start slow, but when it all comes together, it really does sing. It preserves the series' oddities – it doubles down on them in some regards – and yet opens the series up in a way Pikmin has never managed previously. It's a fine reward for a decade of fan patience and a lot of thought by Nintendo's top brass on how best to continue after Pikmin 3. It's a skillful evolution of a series which has been left feeling a little overlooked for too long. Is this Pikmin's true breakthrough moment? Who knows. But without a doubt it's one of Nintendo's best games in years.” [Read full review] – Tom Phillips

Destructoid – 9.5/10

“As I was playing through Pikmin 4 and things really started to click, I thought to myself (with a smile on my face) – “I just want to play this forever.” It’s a strategically satisfying game if you want it to be, and it’s a chill rainy-day adventure if you’re going for that vibe.” [Read full review] – Chris Carter

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IGN – 9/10

“Pikmin 4 adds variety to the series' traditional gameplay by offering options other than the grab-and-throw formula of the past, and brings an extra helping of top-tier levels after the credits roll.” [Read full review] – Jada Griffin

GamesRadar+ – 9/10

“It all combines to create the most approachable Pikmin entry ever. It's not removing the challenge entirely though, as there are plenty of moments that force you to make quick decisions or make small Pikmin sacrifices in the name of the greater good – or greater Dandori. The later stages of Pikmin 4 are formidable if you're looking for 100% completion, and with my current play time now sitting at almost 50 hours, there's plenty here to see and do and so much fun to be had along the way.” [Read full review] – Sam Loveridge

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Game Informer – 9/10

“When it comes to iterating on the standard Pikmin gameplay established by the first release, Pikmin 4 is the smoothest, best-controlling, best-looking version, and all the additions are worthwhile and fun to play. The variety of tasks, which you can tackle in the order of your choice, prevents you from doing the same thing for too long, and I enjoyed saving other survivors and expanding my home base roster. Pikmin may never rise to the top of the Nintendo heap, and it’s probably unfair to expect it ever could, but the latest Pikmin is the best effort yet.” [Read full review] – Kyle Hilliard

Nintendo Life – 9/10

“Pikmin 4 is a sumptuous strategy adventure that serves up tons of fun for returning fans of the franchise whilst also adding lots to entice new players into giving it a try. Oatchi is the star of the show in our eyes, a very good boy who is woven cleverly into the core of the puzzle action. Series-best dungeons, a hugely inventive overworld, night missions, Dandori battles, and post-credit goodies only sweeten the deal. Yes, the co-op is disappointing, and the campaign's not gonna be challenging enough for some diehard fans, but overall Nintendo has nailed it here, serving up a magical Pikmin adventure that we reckon could see the series finally getting all of the attention it fully deserves.” [Read full review] – PJ O'Reilly

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Comicbook.com – 8/10

“Pikmin 4 is largely a strong step forward for Nintendo and is a game that both longtime fans of the series and newcomers should find a lot of enjoyment with. Even though some new aspects that Nintendo opted to include in Pikmin 4 got stale quickly, the basic gameplay loop remains quite satisfying and features far more than ever before for you to sink your teeth into.” [Read full review] – Logan Moore

TheGamer – 7/10

“Pikmin 4 isn’t quite the best game in the series, but it’s certainly the most confident. With this new entry, Nintendo has decided to wipe away much of the past tedium in favour of ensuring moment-to-moment gameplay is more enjoyable than ever. But eradicating its past frustrations also removes much of the challenge and depth from the game’s battles and puzzles. Commanding its multicoloured armies and pilfering this planet of its treasures while gathering a motley crew of comrades kept me enraptured for hours, just don’t come into this expecting the harsh journey back home to be little more than a leisurely stroll.” [Read full review] – Jade King

GameSpot – 7/10

“That story, like most of Pikmin 4, is gentle and unobtrusive. It's all just very agreeable and sweet, and there's a certain gratification that comes from directing your little army of plant-people to gather treasures like fruits and Game Boy Advance cartridges. The more Pikmin 4 leans into fashioning itself after a more traditional game, with competition and fail-states, the more prone it is to getting in its own way. Sometimes, it's enough to simply have a relaxing activity.” [Read full review] – Steve Watts

Pikmin 4 Reviews Roundup
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