Pikmin 4 Gets a Demo and an Overview Trailer

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Pikmin 4 Gets a Demo and an Overview Trailer

Nintendo has just announced the demo of Pikmin 4, downloadable from the official page of the game directly on Nintendo eShop. Furthermore, the software house wanted to pay homage to this initiative with the release of an overview trailer of the game, which aims to entice players to purchase the game and to increase the hype around it until its release on the market on the day of July 21st.

Pikmin 4 demo is now available

The Pikmin 4 demo can be downloaded directly from this web page and allows players to try out the first part of the game by hand, in order to have a broader vision of what the game will be like. Furthermore, a very important thing that players often wonder about is the fact that all the progress that will be made within the demo can then be transferred directly to the full version once purchased.

As for the panoramic trailer, Nintendo wanted to go big and released a video that explains the main features of Pikmin 4 in detail, starting from the character editor to everything players will have to do in the game. course of their adventure. If you are interested in his vision, at the end of this article you will find the trailer.

For the uninitiated, Pikmin 4 was announced during the last Nintendo event and tells of “a group of space adventurers who are stranded on a strange and remote planet waiting for rescue.” The player's task, therefore, will be to explore this world far and wide to look for clues that will allow them to return home, while they will meet hostile and non-hostile characters who will make life simple or difficult during the game.

Pikmin 4 Gets a Demo and an Overview Trailer
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