Pikmin 4 Preload Time and Release Date – Everything We Know

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Pikmin 4 Preload Time and Release Date – Everything We Know

When is the Pikmin 4 preload time and release date? This is when you can get into the game and start playing as soon as possible!

Pikmin 4 has had one of the longest journeys to release in the series. Even for a Switch game, it’s gave Metroid Prime 4 a run for its money. After the being nearly “done” for years, we’re finally close to actually getting our hands on the title at the Pikmin 4 release date. After a very long wait, there’s a demo and we’re close to installing the title with the Pikmin 4 preload.

Pikmin is one of the weirder franchises under Nintendo but one that has a loyal fanbase. This latest game in the series might not be a big open world like Tears of the Kingdom but it’s new mechanics like the dog unit look set to open the world up for this series just as much.

Pikmin 4’s Lengthy Release Date Window

Pikmin 4 was originally said to be in the works before the Switch even released. Director Miyamoto even said the game was “very close to competition” in September 2015. Then we heard nothing about the game, for a long time. A new console game out, Pikmin was still missing. Its more recent announcements and demo have shown what the game itself is going to be though.

It looks like the titles likely went through quite a few different incarnations and changes across this development time, with most evidence pointing towards that original “close to completion” game being completely scrapped at some point and re-done for the Switch.

Pikmin 4 Preload time and release date

It might be 8 years later, but we’ve finally got a good look at when the Pikmin 4 preload time is going to start and players can actually start playing. If you want to get into Pikmin 4 as soon as possible, preloading the game is the way to go. Before you even get to the Pikmin 4 release date you’ll be able to install and load the game onto your Switch. That way, when the release date ticks over to midnight you can instantly jump in and try out the Pikmin we’ve been waiting for since the Wii U.

This is how the Pikmin 4 preload time is going to work, when the release date is, and the different versions of the game you can get.

When is the Pikmin 4 Release Date?

It’s been about a decade since the last mainline game in the Pikmin series, and we’re finally getting our next release. The Pikmin 4 release date was unveiled alongside a lot of new details about gameplay. The title will be released Friday July 21. That’s when it releases, you can buy it physically on this date or use Pikmin 4 preload to access the title a little early.

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Pikmin 4 Preload time and release date

The game is releasing quite a bit after its original announcement. While we were told it was nearly done back then, clearly there’s been some big changes in content. The title is actually utilizing Unreal Engine, the same engine that you can use to run games in Fortnite. which is a particularly weird move from Nintendo who normally stick with their own proprietary engine. Maybe this is some clue to the development issues that caused so many delays and setbacks for the title.

What Platforms is Pikmin 4 On?

Pikmin 4 is going to be released on Nintendo Switch. That’ the only platform it’s coming to. As a first-party Nintendo game, it’s pretty normal for the title to only get released on their current hardware. You can’t use the Pikmin 4 preload elsewhere, or play the game at all.

We might eventually see it released on future Nintendo platforms, but at the Pikmin 4 release date this is going to be the only platform we can play on! Previous Pikmin games have come to pretty much every platform. The GameCube titles made their way to Wii with pointer controls and that made them playable on Wii U too. Most recently they’ve also came over to Switch so newer fans can test the series out.

Those older games are already available, you don’t have to wait for the Pikmin 4 preload time to get a Pikmin fix on the Switch. The new game will likely be just as widely available in the future. Although, it’s only Nintendo platforms it will come too.

Pikmin 4 Preload time and release date

Even with developers like Sony bringing their titles to other platforms like PC, Xbox often sharing its games with Switch, Nintendo doesn’t share. We probably won’t ever see Pikmin on any other platform.

Pikmin 4 Preload Time

That’s when the Pikmin 4 release date is, but when can you actually play? Like most games released digitally, you are able to play bang on release day to the second if you do a bit of prep before the Pikmin 4 preload time. Preloading a game is where you download and install a title prior to its official unlocking. This means that the second the release date is hit, you can start to access the content. No waiting for delivery, for stores to open, or even for the digital version of the game to download.

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When is the Pikmin 4 pre-load time then? The title will be officially available for preload from Nintendo from a week before release day! That means you can start to download Pikmin 4 from July 14. A small update will then be needed closer to release to actually activate the game, but that’s a minor file just to unlock the game.

From this point onwards, you can pre download the game so it’s ready to play on the Pikmin 4 release date. Your Switch should notify you once the game is available for pre-load too.

Big Changes Coming to Pikmin 4

Pikmin 4 Preload time and release date

As the latest in a long running series, there’s plenty familiar about the new game. However, Pikmin 4 will still have some changes from the past series. Pikmin 4’s biggest maybe is the introduction of Oatchi. He is a dog unit that players will be able to take control of in this game. This is bound to make the puzzle solving more interesting in the game. There are also new units of Pikmin which unique powers too!

The game will feature some other new mechanics in each area of its map. It looks like the most expansive Pikmin game we’ve had so far. It’s not entirely reinventing what we know about the series. However, there’s enough new that it feels like a fresh start for Pikmin.

Different Editions of Pikmin 4 – How to Access Pikmin 4 Preload

Most modern game releases tend to come in more than version. There’s the standard game with its normal content, but then there’s collector’s editions, day one editions, and even more sometimes. These usually come with exclusives like in-game content, early access, or even physical collectables such as figures. While Pikmin is one of the more anticipated games for Nintendo this year, we haven’t seen a collector’s edition announced yet. With the Pikmin 4 release date so close, we probably won’t get one.

At the moment it looks like there’s just a standard version of the game available. You can get this physically if you prefer physical media, but getting it digitally lets you start playing as soon as the Pikmin 4 preload time hits! That’s definitely the quickest way to play the game right now.

That’s what we know about Pikmin 4 ahead of release. The game is getting a demo early though! You can jump over to the Nintendo eShop and download the game now if you want to start playing early. It isn’t the full game, but this is a good way to see if Pikmin 4 is the style of game you’d want to play early and pre-order to access the Pikmin 4 preload.

Pikmin 4 Preload Time and Release Date – Everything We Know
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