Phasmophobia Ghost Tier List: Most Dangerous Ghosts Ranked

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Phasmophobia Ghost Tier List: Most Dangerous Ghosts Ranked

Here is our list of the 24 Ghosts, ranked in a Phasmophobia Ghost Tier List from Tier S to D based on how dangerous they are to go against

Phasmophobia is a paranormal horror ghost-hunting game that is based on completing contracts at different haunted locations as a solo or team of ghost hunters. At present, the game has a total of 24 Ghosts, ranging from very strong Ghosts to ones who are simply lacking in both abilities and speed. Hence, here is our Phasmophobia Ghost Tier List ranked from most to least dangerous Ghosts in the game. 

Phasmophobia Ghost Tier List 

Phasmophobia Ghost Tier List: Most Dangerous Ghosts Ranked
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For our tier list, we have ranked all of the 24 Ghosts from Tier S to D, with S being the most dangerous Ghosts and D being the least dangerous Ghosts. Hence, here is our Phasmophobia Ghost Tier List as follows: 

S Tier List 

Here are all of the Ghosts ranked in the S Tier of our tier list:

  • Demon: The Demon is the most dangerous Ghost because it is prone to attacking more often without any reason than not. You can smudge the Demon during a hunt, but it will only halt the hunt for 60 seconds rather than the usual 90 seconds or use a Crucifix to make it less aggressive, tough luck!
  • Raiju: The Raiju is a unique Ghost because it can increase its aggression and boost its speed by siphoning power from electrical equipment, but because of this, it is easier to track its movements.
  • Revenant: The Revenant is an infamous Ghost because it can boost its speed after targeting a single player’s last known location. The base speed of the Revenant is 1m/s but when targeting a player, it can go up to 3m/s, making it very dangerous to go against.
  • Moroi: The Moroi is a deadly Ghost because it has the unique ability to curse players, causing their sanity to drop at 2x the speed. It also gets a speed boost of 0.083m/s each time the sanity drops by 5% after 50%, making it one of the fastest Ghosts in the game.

A Tier List 

Here are all of the Ghosts ranked in the A Tier of our tier list:

  • The Mimic: The Mimic is another unique Ghost who has the special ability to mimic other Ghosts. It can mimic any Ghost in the game down to the T which makes it very hard to detect and quite dangerous to go against.
  • Jinn: The Jinn is another deadly Ghost because of its ability to get empowered by an active fuse box. It can reach up to 3.5m/s speed if the fuse box is active, it has a line of sight and is more than 3 meters away from the player.
  • Thaye: The Thaye is another unique Ghost that portrays high levels of paradoxical activity spans. It also ages up by 1 human year every 1-2 minutes if at least one player is within its vicinity, which shows up when asked on the Ouija Board. 
  • Wraith: The Wraith is a terrifying Ghost because of its amazing ability to fly or walk through walls and teleport to players randomly. Its only weakness is salt, which it avoids. 
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B Tier List

Here are all of the Ghosts ranked in the B Tier of our tier list:

  • Poltergeist: The Poltergeist is a notoriously famous Ghost, best known for its ability to manipulate objects and throw items around with great force. Its only weakness is becoming powerless with no items to throw.
  • Mare: The Mare is a weak Ghost, known for its distaste of lights. It is more active in darkness, often interacting with the lights to turn them off.
  • Yurei: The Yurei is another weaker Ghost, with the special ability to drain a player’s sanity quicker. If a player is within 7.5 meters of it, their sanity decreases rapidly but if it is smudged, it gets trapped temporarily.
  • Obake: The Obake is described as a shapeshifter because of its ability to create unique fingerprints. Other than that, it is a bland Ghost which is easy to spot, thanks to the ability.
  • Phantom: The Phantom is a Ghost with a very boring ability which lets it drain the sanity of the player in line of sight quicker and become invisible in pictures. Its only weakness is that taking a picture makes it disappear temporarily. 

C Tier List 

Here are all of the Ghosts ranked in the C Tier of our tier list:

  • Hantu: The Hantu is a Ghost with the ability to get speed boosts as the temperature drops in a room. Its only weakness is that it moves slower in, you guessed it, warm places.
  • Banshee: The Banshee is known for its behavior of targeting only a single player during a hunt. It is easily identifiable with its distinct screech which can be heard through the Parabolic Microphone.
  • The Twins: The Twins are known for their ability to interact with the environment and start hunts separately with 25-second cooldowns in between. Interacting with things simultaneously makes it easy to identify.
  • Deogen: The Deogen is known for its ability to quickly rush down players during a hunt, but it is slow when going in for the kill and this makes it easy to identify
  • Oni: The Oni is known for being an extremely strong Ghost because they are very active during a hunt when players are grouped together and it doesn’t disappear as often.

  • Yokai: The Yokai is known for its ability to be able to hunt at higher sanity levels because it is sensitive to voices, which makes it angry. 
  • Onryo: The Onryo is known for being wary of fire and extinguishing all types of flame before starting to hunt. Hence, quite easy to identify. 
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D Tier List

Here are all of the Ghosts ranked in the D Tier of our tier list:

  • Shade: The Shade is known for being a shy and less interactive Ghost who hunts at a sanity level lower than 35%. It also does not hunt when too many people are nearby, hence easy to identify.
  • Goryo: The Goryo is known for being visible only on a video camera when interacting with a DOTS Projector and remaining in the vicinity of its starting Ghost room, hence easy to identify.
  • Spirit: The Spirit is known for being the most boring Ghost with no distinctive strengths. It can stopped temporarily by burning Incense near it, hence easy to identify.
  • Myling: The Myling is known for being a very loud and interactive Ghost, specifically on the Parabolic Microphone. However, it gets very quiet during a hunt, hence quite easy to identify. 


Needless to say, Phasmophobia has improved a lot since its official release in 2016. With the newest updates being added to the game, it has become a polished game with millions of players all around the world. Hence, make sure to read up on our Phasmophobia Ghost Tier List so you are prepared to face any Ghost in your contracts. Also, check out our Phasmophobia cursed objects location in small maps and medium plus large maps and stay tuned for more such articles!

Phasmophobia Ghost Tier List: Most Dangerous Ghosts Ranked
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