Persona 5 Tactica Salmael Boss Fight Guide

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Persona 5 Tactica Salmael Boss Fight Guide

Persona 5 Tactica is a game in which you will have to face different bosses, like Yoshiki, in order to reach the end of the game and see the credits. The last boss you will face is the Persona 5 Tactica Salmael boss and he is the one who created the metaverse in which the entire game takes place. Consequently, only when you have defeated the boss will you be able to get out and return to reality. Obviously, since this is the final boss fight, don't think you'll find yourself facing an easy boss to face. In this article, however, we will tell you which strategy to use to get the better of the Persona 5 Tactica Salmael boss.

How to beat Persona 5 Tactica Salmael boss

The fight is divided into two different phases, but Salmael has a very large life bar, so you will have to prepare to take part in a very long boss fight, probably the longest in the entire game. Therefore, below, we will show you the most effective strategy to use in order to knock out this boss and end the game.

Phase 1

As soon as the first phase of the battle against the Persona 5 Tactica Salmael boss begins, your team will be divided in two: two of your characters will be on the right and two on the left. Since both teams will be two platforms away from the boss, your first objective is to eliminate all the enemies that are present on the game grid. Even in this phase, however, you will be able to inflict damage on the boss, but you will have to make use of ranged attacks or skills to do so.

Another thing that you absolutely must have in mind is ending any turn with your characters in cover, so as not to receive too much damage from Samael's abilities. In fact, if you are hit, you will receive a truly large amount of damage, so you will have to avoid these attacks at all costs. However, don't rest on your laurels by making use of this strategy, as there is also another move in Samael's arsenal that will be even more dangerous.

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With the Cogs of Fate, in fact, the boss is able to rotate the platform a certain number of times both forwards and backwards, which will cause you to move away from the distance to be able to attack him. Consequently, what you will have to do in this case is move in such a way as not to remain on the platforms, which will be illuminated green by a circle. These circles, in fact, will make you respawn from the other side but will inflict a lot of damage on you.

Ultimately, in order to complete this first phase of the battle, you will have to always be on the move and avoid his attacks by moving or taking cover. While you do this, obviously, you will also have to focus on hitting the boss in such a way as to completely empty his health bar so that you can start the second phase of the fight.

Persona 5 Tactica Salmael

Phase 2

The second phase of the battle against the Persona 5 Tactica boss Salmael is, as you could surely imagine, more difficult than the first. In addition to paying attention to the moves we indicated previously and the enemies that will continually spawn, you will also have to pay attention to a new move that will be added to the boss' arsenal. This move will allow him to highlight some platforms and place a number (between 1 and 4) on them. When you see that the boss is about to make this attack, you will need to have the exact number of characters on the platforms, taking into account the numbers that the boss will use.

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If you do not end your turn with the exact number of characters on the platforms, this will cause you to receive heavy damage, and you will not be able to move the characters during your turn. Therefore, pay close attention to this type of attack and try in every way to have the right number of characters on the platforms. Making it more difficult, of course, is the fact that the platforms will move in the meantime, so pay close attention to where the number falls.

Once you manage to deal enough damage to the Persona 5 Tactica boss Salmael, he will use the Spire of Judgment in the center of the arena. In this case, what you will have to do is try to take it out as soon as possible by making use of a triple threat. At this point, make sure that the enemies that will spawn are distributed so that everyone can be hit by an all-out attack. Also, keep in mind that if you don't decide to eliminate the spire, it will cause the boss to use another Divine Judgment and inflict a lot of damage on you, so eliminate it without thinking too much.

In conclusion, we can say that what you have to do during this second phase is to always stay on the move, keeping in mind the number that will be generated on the various platforms, so that you cannot suffer damage from this type of attack. Obviously, you also have to focus on attacking Salmael, so you will have to be very vigilant and careful to do everything without neglecting any part, both in terms of defense and attack. Once you have completely emptied his life bar, you will witness a cutscene in which Erina and Joker land the final blow.

Persona 5 Tactica Salmael

Persona 5 Tactica Salmael Boss Fight Guide
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