Persona 3 Reloaded Elizabeth’s Request – How to Complete Them

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Persona 3 Reloaded Elizabeth’s Request – How to Complete Them

Completing Persona 3 Reloaded Elizabeth’s Requests is not easy. In fact, you will have to complete numerous requests, so here is how to go through them.

After covering a lot of things about Persona 3 Reload, such as the Phantom Mage boss guide, it is time to take a look at a couple of something different. This article will focus on Persona 3 Reloaded Elizibeth's Request. 

She is a very important NPC in the game because she’ll give you access to many different quests. Located near the Velvet Room, you can expect to receive a lot of unique items. Elizabeth can provide players with armor, yen, costumes, and the chance to fuse Personas. With that said, here are all of Elizabeth’s requests in Persona 3 Reloaded that you will have to go through.

Persona 3 Reloaded Elizibeth's Request – Basics

Regardless of the specific quest you will have to complete, Elizabeth will reward you every time. What’s different in Persona 3 Reloaded is that you can actually get numerous quests and complete all of them at the same time. This is good news for Persona 3 Reloaded Elizibeth's Request because she has several.

If you decide to take them on, simply talk to her and select the quests from the menu. Although you can get as many as you want to, it’s worth knowing that some are time-sensitive.

As far as we know, Elizabeth will often update her requests after the boss fights. You will know when she has something new for you by keeping an eye on the blue exclamation above the head.,

Persona 3 Reloaded Elizibeth's Request – How to Complete Each One

As we mentioned, Persona 3 Reloaded has several different requests you must complete. Lucky for you, our team at ESTNN has gone through all of them, so here is a table containing all requests and everything you have to do 

Request What you’ll get When it is available How much time you have to complete it Tips
Bring me a Muscle Drink 5 Soul Drops 5/10 You can go to the Aohige Pharmacy and get them for 1000 Yen.
Retrieve the first Old Document 10000 Yen 5/10 To complete this task, head over to Tartarus. The first one of these documents is on 22F, which is next to Arqa and Thebel.
Shadow Hunting Milestone 3x Cure Water  5/10 Defeat 100 shadows in Tartarus to complete the quest.
Treasure Hunting Milestone 2x Snuff Soul  5/10 Open 50 chests located in Tartarus
Create a Persona that’s Level 13 or Above 3x Bufula Gem  5/10 Just be over level 13 when you decide to speak with her
Create a Persona with Kouha  5/10 Get skill cards that will allow you to learn Kouha
Bring me Juzumaru Makouha  5/10 Go to the Twilight Fragment Chests in Tartarus to find it.
Experiment with fortune-telling Increase to your speed (3x)  5/10 Go to Club Escapede, where you will find a fortune teller that you have to ask for a rare fortune.
I’d like to try all kinds of drinks Media  5/10 To complete Persona 3 Reloaded Elizibeth's Request, you must go to all vending machines and get 12 drinks. 
I’d like to try a beef bowl. You will get a male uniform  5/10 Go to the Net Cafe in the Strip Mall and get the Umiushi Fan Book, and once you have the skill, use the shared computer and use the Umiushi takeout option to get a Befe Bowl.
Please prevail in the Big Eater Challenge This becomes available once you complete the 9th request Once you accept the Persona 3 Relaod Elizabeth Request, you will see a Wilduck that will offer the Big Eather Challenge.
Bring me pine resin. You will get a Toy Bow 6/9 6/6 Talk to Yukari as soon as you get the quest, and she will give you the item.
Bring me a handheld game console. You will be rewarded with a Pixel vest. Once you return the previous challenge. 6/6 To complete Persona 3 Reloaded Elizibeth's Request, you must visit Junpei, located in the Iwatodai Dorms. 
Retrieve the second Old Document 20,000 Yen 5/10 Go to 43F on Tartarus’s Arqa Block and look for a case.
Shadow Hunting Milestone 2 Umugi Water You can complete this quest after the Shadow Hunting Milestone 1 Defeat 200 shadows found in Tartarus
Treasure Hunting Milestone 2 Chewing Soul You can only complete this Persona 3 Reload Elizabeth Request after the Hunting Milestone 1  You must open 100 treasure chests in total
Fusion Series 1: Emperor, Oberon You’ll get a Female uniform 5/10 The Persona 3 Reloaded Elizibeth's Request requires you to show her an Oberon.
I’d like to be gifted a bouquet of flowers You will get the Female Winter Grab 5/10 This Persona 3 Reload Elizabeth request requires you to go to Tanaka’s Amazing Commodities and get a Rose Bouquet. Keep in mind this will let you back around 3000 Yen.
I want Jack Froist Dolls You will get Twilight Fragments  6/9 Go to the arcade and keep an eye on the prize. Once it is the Jack Forstdolls, you have to play and win three dolls.
Bring me some potent medicine 6/9 Go to Mr. Edogawa’s trials and the nurse’s office.
Retrieve the third Old Document You will get 30,000 Yen 6/9 This document is on 69f.
Shadow Hunting Milestone 3 3x Bead You must complete the Shadow Hunting Milestone 2 This Persona 3 Reloaded Elizibeth's Request will have you kill 300 Shadows.
Persona Fusion Milestone You’ll get 5x Twilight Fragments You have to fuse 20 Personas Fuse 20 Personas, and this will allow you to log into your compendium.
Create a persona that’s level 23 or above 6/9 Simply talk to the NPC once you get at least level 23.
Fusion Series 2: Chariot, Mithras You must complete Fusion Series 1 first Get Mithras to level 26 and talk to Elizabeth.
Bring me an Onimaru Kunitsuna Crit Rte Boost 6/9 These two are very rare swords located in the Twilight Fragment chests.
Bring me a triangular sword. You’ll receive Gallant Sneakers 6/10 7/5 Go to Mitsiru on 6/15 to complete this Persona 3 Relaod Elizabeth Request.
Bring me a protein no for pros 6/10 7/5 Talk to Akihiko on 6/18
I want to look fashionable 6/10 7/5 Go to Club Escapade talk to the accessories dealer, and get these unique glasses.
Retrieve the fourth old document. 40,000 Yen 7/24 Wait until Aigis joins the team (this will happen on 7/24) and get the 4th document.
Shadow Hunting Milestone 4 Complete the Shadow Hunting Milestone 3 before that Kill 450 Shadows
Treasure Hunting Milestone 3 Complete the Treasure Hunting Milestone 2 before that Open 150 chests
Persona Fusion Milestone 2 Go over the Persona Fusion Milestone 1 before that To complete this Persona 3 Reloaded Elizabeth’s Request, fuse 35 total Personas.
Create a Persona with Torrent Shot. You can complete this after you do the quest with the Persona level 23. Learn how to use Torrent Shot
Fusion Series 3: Hermit, Mothman Maid Outfit You must complete Fusion Series 2 The idea here is for Mithras to know Agilao.
Defeat a Rare Shadow 1 7x Onyx 7/18 Go to the Yabbashah block of Tartarus once it becomes available on 7/18 and defeat the rare Shadow.
Traverse the Monad passage You can go over it once you clear the first Monad door in Yabbashah You must go to the Momad passage and defeat all enemies there.
I want to eat some chilled taiyaki Nihil Cloth 7/24
Let me hear music unique to Gekkoukan. Female Uniform  7/8
I’d like to see a pair of Max Safety Shoes 3x Twilight Fragment  Go to Tonaka’s Amazing Commodities
Bring me a mysterious person’s autograph You have to complete the previous quest to get this one. This Persona 3 Reloaded Elizibeth's Request will require you to get Tanaka’s autograph, which will set you back around 40,000 Yen.
Please feed the cat. You’ll get a male summer garb 7/8 Find a weak cat at Port Island Station and get Super Cat Food to feed it.
Bring me a Christmas star. Jack’s Gloves 7/8 You have to find Fuuka, and she’ll give you a Poinsettia on 7/10’s evening.
I wish to feel the ocean. 7/8 Get items from the beach on the first day after you travel to Yakushima with your classmates.
Retrieve the fifth old document 50,000 Yen 8/7 Same as the other documents, go to the following border floor in Tartarus
Shadow Hunting Milestone 5 Complete the 4th Shadow Hunting Persona 3 Reload Elizabeth's Request Kill 600 Shadows
Treasure Hunting Milestone 4 2x Precious Egg  Complete the Treasure Hunting Milestone 3  Open 200 treasure chests 
Persona Fusion Milestone 3 Complete Persona Fusion Milestone 2 Fuse 50 personas in the Velvet Room to complete the Persona 3 Reloaded Elizabeth’s Request.
Create a persona that’s level 38 or above 8/9 Get to lvl 38 and speak to Elizabeth.
Perform King and I. 8/9 Use the King, and I theurgy spell once you perform the fusion to create the King Frost
Bring me an Outenta Mitsuyo 7/23 You should have the weapon blueprints and wait until 7/22 when the Paulownia Mall reopens.
Attempt 100 shrine visits Lime Swimwear You must pray at the Naganaki Shrine beforehand Make offers at the Naganaki shrine, and you will increase your academic stat
I’d like to see proof of a bond You have to max your first social link After reaching Rank 10 with any P3R links, you can complete Persona 3 Reloaded Elizabeth’s request
Look for the drink with my name. AS Genric Material 8/9
I’d like to try Aojiru 8x Twilight Fragment 7/23
I wish to become a straw millionaire 7/23 8/31 Go to the ally located behind the Port Island Station on 8/9 to complete this Persona 3 Reload Elizabeth request.
Shadow Hunting Milestone 6 Complete the Shadow Hunting milestone 5 first Kill 800 Shadows
I’d like to walk around Paulownia Mall You’ll get a small Cheongsam You must have completed the persona fusion milestone 1 Take her to the mall
I’d like to visit the Iwatodai Station You must complete the persona fusion Milestone 2 The Persona 3 Reload Elizabeth’s request can be completed after asking her out during the day.
I’d like to visit the Naganaki Shrine Complete the Persona Fusion Milestone 3 Simply ask her out again and take her to the Naganaki Shrine
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Persona 3 Reload Elizabeth’s Request – Conclusion

As you can see, there are plenty of requests to choose from. Most are unique and will allow you to have a lot of fun while completing them, so let’s learn more.

Persona 3 Reloaded Elizabeth’s Request – How to Complete Them
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