Persona 3 Reload Fast Leveling – How to Level Up Quick

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Persona 3 Reload Fast Leveling – How to Level Up Quick

Want to know how to level up fast in Persona 3 reload? The game has a few features which can make Persona 3 Reload fast leveling quite a bit easier.

Fans of the Persona franchise are about to relive one of the best titles in the series, the third game. Persona 3 reload is going to let players re-experience everything that made the title so special, and even some of its more frustrating aspects! One of the biggest of those has to be leveling and XP mechanics. The main dungeon for the game has some mechanics which are going to require some grinding, which is a lot quicker if you follow the best strategies for Persona 3 Reload fast leveling.

How to level up fast in Persona 3 Reload isn’t the most complicated, but if you’re playing purely for fun then you might run into problems. You could end up underleveled. Even with the best Persona 3 weapons, you’re going to have issues in combat if you’re not sufficiently leveled up. The Reload version of the game is polishing quite a few aspects though and should make things smoother.

Looking at the previous version of the game, there are some clear stand out strategies. There are some areas of the game which are going to be perfect for getting your Persona 3 Reload fast leveling done quicker and more efficiently. This is how it works.

Persona 3 Reload Fast Leveling Strategies

Persona 3 Reload Fast Leveling

The key tip to getting through levels quicker is to take out enemies. The stronger the enemy, the more XP you’re going to get. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything you can do. There are some strategies which make it much easier to rise up the levels, starting with where you go to find enemies to fight.

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Farming in Tartarus

Tartarus is one of the key elements of Persona 3 and it’s great for leveling. When a Tartarus floor has an unstable condition, it has a few extra features. One of these is that enemies are easier to farm. There’s more of them which means more XP once you take them down. There’s also a higher chance of you getting special events for extra XP for an encounter.

This can stack up fast if you’re spending a long session in Tartarus, which can also make your Persona 3 levelling take up less of your precious time in-game too by limiting days spent on a single goal.

If you’re planning on spending your time just grinding, come prepared. Find the best armor in Persona 3 Reload and be prepared for pulling through a decent hand number of fights.

Shuffle Time

Persona 3 Reload Fast Leveling

A special mechanic in some fights is the Shuffle Time. If you can finish an enemy off during the All-Out Attack, you’ll be able to pick an effect. Going for Wand Time whenever you’re grinding is the best use. You’ll be able to gain more XP which can help you level up faster. How to level up fast in Persona 3 Reload this way is a bit more randomized, but make use of it when you can.

How does XP Work? Use the Right Members for Persona 3 Reload Fast Leveling

Whenever you finish off a battle, you’ll receive an overall chunk of XP. This is spread between each of the party members. If you want to level up some specific characters faster, it’s easier to balance your party right. Don’t fill up on your powerful characters. Take a couple to make combat easier, and the weaker characters you need to level. This will mean that the XP is getting spread out further.

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Players will get more XP per character this way. This method is particularly good for Persona 3 Reload fast leveling to get a single character powered up who is not up to par. You could strim the party down to a minimum team just to level up that one character.

Inactive Characters Don’t Get XP

Persona 3 Reload Fast Leveling

You can control which characters get XP by placing them in a balanced party, conversely, though, characters not in your party won’t be getting any XP from your grinding. If you’re coming into Persona 3 Reload off of 5, this is a bit different. However, it’s a quirk that a lot of players will likely have seen before in other JRPGs though. Keep this in mind when running through Persona 3 Reload fast leveling strategies.

Best Strategies for How to Level up Fast in Persona 3 Reload

Those are some of the main tips to get levelled up fast. For the most part, you will be fighting enemies to gather XP. You can alter how you approach these enemies. By making use of higher XP rewarding fights and controlling your party. However, some grinding is definitely going to be necessary, even if you’re trying to complete it as quickly as possible from the Persona 3 Reload release date.

Your XP in an area is going to slow down as you become overleveled for it. If you’re still trying to grind, this can be annoying. However, for most of the game, the pace works pretty well. Once it's time to move on you’ll be able to tell through the XP yield slowing down. You can use the best Persona 3 Reload fast leveling strategies to make it all a bit quicker though.

Persona 3 Reload Fast Leveling – How to Level Up Quick
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