Persona 3 Reload Best Armor Overview

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Persona 3 Reload Best Armor Overview

If you are looking for the Persona 3 Reload best armor, it’s time to learn everything about it.

Securing the best body and food armor in Persona 3 Reload is not going to be an easy thing. You will have to go through a lot of options, but the good news is that we will show you how to get the Persona 3 Reload best armor right now. Don’t forget to check how to get the Persona 3 Reload Best Weapons as well.

How to Get The Persona 3 Reload Best Armor?

If you want to get the Persona 3 Reload Best Armor for Each Character, you have to complete the following steps:

  • Unlock the Messiah in Persona fusion by raising the Judgement Social Link
  • Get the Messiah through the Personla Fision
  • Level it up before it gets to level 98 and sign up in the Velvet Room books
  • Level up the Messiah to lvl 98 and get the Heart Item using Conception
  • Discord Messiah and get it against the books
  • Repeat the last 2 steps, and you will eventually get the strongest Persona 3 reload armor.

When it comes down to raising the Judgment Social Link, you have to reach Floor 225 of Tartatus to do that. Once that happens, you can complete the first step to get the best armor in Persona 3 Reload by fusing the various end-game Personas.

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Obtaining the Messiah through Conception means you have to fuse Orpheus and Tanatos. As for the leveling process, you need to level it until it hits 98. Once that happens, you will need to register the Messiah in the Velvet Room Book. This is key in the Persona 3 reload the best armor for beginners process because it saves you a lot of time.

After that’s taken care of, you have to get it to level 98 and perform Conception so it can give its Heart item. Usually, the latter is an armor, but there is a 1% chance it can be the Omnipotent Orb, which happens to be the strongest in the game.

After obtaining the Heart item, the next step is to discard the current Messiah and get another one using the Velvet Room Book. Level it up to 98, get another Heart item, and do that again until you have all of the Persona 3 Reload best armor pieces you need.

Best Persona 3 Reload Armor For Each Character

Persona 3 Reload - Best Armor

When it comes down to the Persona 3 Reload Best armor, there are a few things to consider. We do not have that much information yet because the game hasn’t confirmed all of its new options yet. Fortunately, we know that things, such as the Armor of Light, can be used for all playable characters. It will give 170 defense, high resistance to physical damage and high resist to magical damage. Check the table below for more information.

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User Name Effects and Stat Type
All Characters Armor of Light 170 Defence, high resistance to physical and magical damage Body Armor
Koromaru Aura Dog Suit 160 Defense Body Armor
Aigis Soul of Athena 160 Defense Body Armor
Aigis Swan Legs 100 Defense Leg Armor and Shoes
All Characters Shoes of Light 140 defense + high physical damage evasion Leg Armor and Shoes

Expect to see updates on the best Persona 3 Reaload armor options once we have more information.

Persona 3 Reload Best Armor Overview
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