Persona 3 Reload All Velvet Room Requests

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Persona 3 Reload All Velvet Room Requests

This article will recount Persona 3 Reload All Velvet Room Requests

In Persona 3 Reload, there’s a lot of responsibilities to undertake, whether it’s taking on a whole bunch of Shadow enemies in Tartarus, saving the world, or, even worse, studying for an upcoming exam. But if that’s still not enough to keep you busy, then Elizabeth has you covered with her enormous set of Velvet Room requests, which essentially act as the side quests of Persona 3 Reload.

You’ll get rewards as an incentive, and everything’s listed in bracket below:

May 10th Requests

  1. Bring me a muscle drink (5x Soul Drop) – Buy for 1,000 yen at Aohige Pharmacy.
  2. Retrieve the first old document (10,000 yen) – Floor 22 of Tartarus.
  3. Shadow Hunting Milestone (3x Cure Water) – Beat 100 Shadows.
  4. Treasure Hunting Milestone (2x Snuff Soul) – Open 50 Treasure Chests.
  5. Create a Persona that’s Level 13 or above (x3 Bufula Gem).
  6. Create a Persona with Kuoha (Fierce Sutra)
  7. Bring me a Juzumaru Sword (Makouha skill card) – From a locked chest on 36F in Arqa.
  8. Experiment with fortune telling (3x Speed Incense) – In Club Escapade, ask the fortune teller if rare Shadows will appear often in Tartarus, then go into Tartarus.
  9. I’d like to try all kinds of drinks (Media skill card) – Collect 12 different drinks from vending machines.
  10. I’d like to try a beef bowl (Male Uniforms) – Get a Umiushi Beef Bowl.
  11. Please prevail in the Big Eater Challenge (x3 Twilight Fragment) – Try out Big Eater Challenge.
  12. Bring me Pine Resin (Toy Bow) – Talk to Yukari
  13. Bring me a handheld game console (Pixel Vest) – Talk to Junpei.
  14. Retrieve 2nd old document (20,000 yen) – On 43F of Tartarus.
  15. Shadow Hunting Milestone #2 (x3 Umugi Water) – 200 Shadow enemies.
  16. Treasure Hunting Milestone #2 (x2 Chewing Soul) – Open 100 Chests.
  17. Fusion Series #1: Emperor, Oberon (Female Uniform).

June 13th Requests

  1. I’d like to be gifted a bouquet of flowers (Female Winter Garb) – Rose Bouquet can be found at Rafflesia in Port Island Station.
  2. I want Jack Frost Dolls (x3 Twilight Fragments) – Obtainable from Crane Games on Saturdays.
  3. Bring me some potent medicine (Steel Pipe) – Visit the nurse’s office after getting the request.
  4. Retrieve 3rd old document (30,000 yen) – 69F of Tartarus (nice).
  5. Shadow Hunting Milestone #3 (x3 Bead) – 300 Shadow enemies.
  6. Persona Fusion Milestone (x5 Twilight Fragments) – Perform 20 fusions.
  7. Create a Persona that’s Level 23 or above (Sugar Key)
  8. Fusion Series #2: Chariot, Mithras (Male Winter Garb).
  9. Bring me an Onimaru Kunitsuna (Crit Rate Boost skill card) – Locked chest on 54F in Arqa.
  10. Bring me a triangular sword (Gallant Sneakers) – Speak to Mitsuru at night to get Fencing Epee.
  11. Bring me a protein not for pros (Spiked Bat) – Speak to Akihiko at night.
  12. I want to look fashionable (x5 Power Incense I) – Get Designer Glasses from the bartender in Club Escapade.
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July 9th Requests

  1. Retrieve the 4th old document (40,000 yen) – 92F of Tartarus.
  2. Shadow Hunting Milestone #4 (x2 Kamimusubi Water) – 450 Shadow enemies.
  3. Treasure Hunting Milestone #3 (x6 Snuff Soul) – 150 Treasure chests.
  4. Persona Fusion Milestone #2 (x5 Twilight Fragment) – 35 Persona fusions.
  5. Create a Persona with a Torrent Shot (x3 Attack Mirror) – Make Matador by fusing Mokoi with Lamia.
  6. Fusion Series #3: Hermit, Mothman (Maid Outfit).
  7. Defeat a rare Shadow #1 (x7 Onyx) – Defeat a rare shadow in the 3rd Tartarus block (Yabbashah).
  8. Traverse the Monad Passage (Black Sword) – Go to Monad Passage on 91F, defeat the two bosses, grab the treasure.
  9. I want to eat some chilled taiyaki (Nihil Cloth) – Buy Lukewarm Taiyaki, put it into the fridge, collect it next night, and bring it to Elizabeth.
  10. Let me hear music unique to Gekkoukan (Female Uniform) – Head to the PA room to get ‘Gekkoukan Boogie’.
  11. I’d like to see a pair of Max Safety Shoes (x3 Twilight Fragments) – Bought from Tanaka’s Commodities show on July 12th.
  12. Bring me the mysterious person’s autograph (Nihil Blade) – Get Tanaka’s autograph.
  13. Please feed the cat (Male Summer Garb) (best quest) – Buy x4 Super Cat Food and feed the weak cat on Port Island Station 4 times on 4 different days.
  14. Bring me a Christmas Star (Jack’s Gloves) – Speak to Fuuka at night and get a Poinsettia.
  15. I wish to feel the ocean (x5 Amethyst) – Grab either a Strange Seaweed, Pretty Seashell, Yakushima Wood or Small Crab from Yakushima Beach and give it to Elizabeth.

August 8th Requests

  1. Retrieve 5th old document (50,000 yen) – 118F of Tartarus.
  2. Shadow Hunting Milestone #5 (x2 Bead Chain) – 600 Shadow Enemies.
  3. Treasure Hunting Milestone #4 (x2 Precious Egg) – Open 200 Treasure Chests.
  4. Persona Fusion Milestone #3 (x5 Twilight Fragment) – Perform 50 Persona Fusions.
  5. Create a Persona that’s Level 38 or above (Marionette).
  6. Perform King & I (x3 Guard Incense) – Go to Velvet Room, use Black Frost, return to Elizabeth.
  7. Bring me an Outenta Mitsuyo (Multi-Target Boost skill card) – Found in the first half of Yabbashah inside a locked chest.
  8. I’d like to try a home-cooked meal (Legendary Cleaver) – Cook with someone who lives at the dorm with you.
  9. I’d like to see a mysterious potato (Ergotite Shard) – Grow a Tarukaja Potato and show it to Elizabeth.
  10. Attempt a hundred shrine visits (Lime Swimwear) – You don’t have to go a 100 times, instead just go to the Naganaki Shrine 3 times and you’ll get a ‘500-yen Bill’. Show it to Elizabeth.
  11. I’d like to see proof of a bond (Space Badge) – Max out a Social Link and talk to Elizabeth.
  12. Look for a drink with my name (AS Generic Material) – Get a bottle of Queen Elizabeth.
  13. I’d like to try Aojiru (x2 Twilight Fragments) – Take a True Aohige Aojiru to Elizabeth.
  14. I wish to become a straw millionaire (x20 Turqoise) – Swap Bandage Wrap with Fierce Looking Delinquent for Student Handbook. Swap that with Flustered Student for Irresistible Catnip. Swap that with Cat-loving Boy for Cat Ear Headband. Return to Elizabeth.
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September 10th Requests

  1. Retrieve the 6th old document (70,000 yen) – 144F of Tartarus.
  2. Shadow Hunting Milestone #6 (x1 Soma) – 800 Shadow enemies.
  3. Create a Persona that’s Level 46 or above (x2 Atrophying Sutra).
  4. Fusion Series#4: Lovers, Titania (Male Uniform).
  5. Fusion Series #5: Magician, Rangda (Female Summer Garb).
  6. Defeat a rare Shadow #2 (x1 Topaz) – Defeat rare golden hand Shadow from the Tziah block.
  7. Bring me an Ote-gine (Quality Nihil Ore) – Found on the lower floors of Tziah in a Twilight Fragment locked chest.
  8. Bring me a giant, creepy doll (Quality Nihil Blade) – Get the Anatomical Model from Ms. Ounishi.
  9. Find me a beautiful tile (Scrub Brush) – Win a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors and get a Mahjong Tile from Mahjong Parlor Red Hawk.
  10. Bring me a fruit knife (Bus Stop Sign) – Speak to Shinjiro Aragaki.
  11. Bring me oil (Rocket Punch) – Speak to Aigis at night.

October 6th Requests

  1. Retrieve 7th old document (90,000 yen) – 172F of Tartarus.
  2. Fusion Series #6: Strength, Siegfried (Sky Sundress).
  3. Fusion Series #7: Hierophant, Daisoujou (Blue Shorts).
  4. Bring me a Mikazuki Munechika (Endure skill card) – Bought from Mayoido Antiques.
  5. I’d like to try sushi (Ergotite Chunk) – Interact with Inari Shrine at the Naganaki Shrine when you’re at max Academics.
  6. Bring me a Sengoku-era Helm (x7 Twilight Fragments) – Visit Mr. Ono 7 times and get Kanetsugu’s Helm.
  7. Bring me a glasses wipe (x3 Garnet) – Talk to Shuji Ikutsuki.
  8. I’d like to walk around Palownia Mall (Small Cheongsam) – Speak to Elizabeth and show her around the mall.
  9. I’d like to visit Iwatodai Station (Book of the Ancients) – Take Elizabeth to Iwatodai Station.
  10. I’d like to visit Naganaki Shrine (Vitality Sash) – Take Elizabeth to Naganaki Shrine.
  11. I’d like to visit Gekkoukan High (Sorcerer's Mark) – Take Elizabeth to Gekkoukan High.
Persona 3 Reload All Velvet Room Requests
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