Persona 3 Reload Sleep in Class: Should You Do it?

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Persona 3 Reload Sleep in Class: Should You Do it?

What should be your Persona 3 Reload sleep in class strategy? The answer might surprise you

You will come across some seemingly straightforward choices when you start playing Persona 3 Reload. Whether or not you should doze off in class is surprisingly one of them. In the real world, falling asleep in class is never a sensible decision, no matter how boring the lectures might sound. Is it the same at the Gekkoukan High School, however? Should you fall asleep in class in Persona 3 Reload? Let’s find out how your Persona 3 Reload Sleep in Class decision will affect your progress in the game.

Should You Fall Asleep in Class in Persona 3 Reload? Persona 3 Reload Sleep in Class Explained

I'm sure many of us have been there before. The teacher drones on about something that barely interests you, and staying awake becomes a challenge. In Persona 3 Reload, you have the option to take a nap, but is it the best choice? There's no clear-cut answer here. On the bright side, it boosts your stamina and Courage. The only drawback we found is that it trades off Academic stat progress. Every social stat matters, so it's about which one you want to boost right now. There's no wrong pick.

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Persona 3 Reload Sleep in Class Benefits

Improving your Courage is key to initiating Social Links like Tower, Star, and Lovers. It also helps with special tasks from Elizabeth. To get into Club Escapade at the Paulownia Mall, you'll need Courage level 2. This lets you visit the fortune teller, who can give you bonuses in Tartarus. Also, to order the Special Hagakure Bowl at Hagakure Ramen and sharply boost your Charm, you'll need Courage level 3. Remember the Academics-Courage trade-off we were talking about earlier? The Hagakure Ramen will increase your Charm and you will need a heightened level of Charm for ordering the Seafood Full Course from Wakatsu Kitchen. What does that do, you ask? It will raise your Academic stats, so you have the chance to recoup the Academic stat loss even if you sleep during classes.

Persona 3 Reload Staying Awake During Class Benefits

Paying attention in class boosts your Academics and improves your test performance. Mitsuru will reward you for your improved Academic results. As your Academic stat progresses, it unlocks the Temperance, Sun, and Empress Social Links. Just like higher Courage and Charm scores, higher Academic stats are essential in fulfilling certain requests. You might miss out on special events if you don’t have sufficient Academic scores. Going for higher Academics, however, will affect your Courage count.

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Persona 3 Reload Sleep in Class: Should You Do it?

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You won't face the dilemma of staying awake or nodding off in class too often while playing Persona 3 Reload. However, these decisions affect how you manage your time, prompting you to think about the current day and your planned activities after school.

Persona 3 Reload Sleep in Class: Should You Do it?
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