Palworld Shiny Pals: All Lucky Pals and How to Find Them

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Palworld Shiny Pals: All Lucky Pals and How to Find Them

This article answers your questions about the existence of shiny pals in Palworld and how to locate these rarer breed of pals.

Palworld is a new open world survival adventure game developed by Pocketpair and features pokemon-esque mini critters, called Pals. Capturing these pals will allow you to fight many bosses alongside them, and more.

Palworld, obviously, being a different game has it own take on those Pokemon-esque shiny pals. They’re called Lucky pals in the world of Palworld.

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Palworld Shiny Pals: How to Find Lucky Pals

Lucky pals have a pretty low spawn rate, and the official rate of spawn for each shiny-esque Lucky pal hasn’t been officially revealed by Palworld yet. For an entire day’s worth of getting uscked into Palworld, we were able to find just one lucky pal. It takes about 12 to 10 hours of free roaming to locate a lucky pal. The spawn rate is really low, but it takes what it takes. Every shiny, AKA Lucky pal is stronger than a regular pal, with more Work Speed and Attack Power.

Lucky Pals have a passive skill called ‘Rare' or ‘Lucky' that grants them extra + 15% Work Speed and Attack. So, Lucky Pals would be extremely efficient workers in your base if you ever come across one and hunt one.

As a Lucky pal is stronger, it takes more effort to fight one and catch one. It takes a lot of Pal spheres to catch a lucky pal, but the more time and effort you invest into honing your skills on catching one,  the less amount of effort and spheres it twill take to grab one.

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Also if you run out of stuff in between the process of catching a pal, you can return back to your base and go back to catching them again. Lucky pals will stay at the same place, and they generally don’t despawn.

Lucky pals are larger in size, and have a golden aura around them. To distinguish a lucky pal from a regular one, look for the Golden aura. These pals emit a golden noise, and upon hearing such noise, run towards the direction of that noise. All in all, it is easier to find a Lucky pal in Palworld than a shiny pokemon.

Palworld Lucky Pal Spawn Rate

There is currently no official word from Pocketpair regarding a spawn rate for the shiny variants of pals, and we’ll update this article as soon as we receive more info. Lucky Pals are found randomly in the wild. It’s the golden aura and that sparkling noise that draws you towards them, look for it, hunt it, breed it, put it to work on your base.

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