Palworld Pokemon Mod: Is It Still Available?

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Palworld Pokemon Mod: Is It Still Available?

You might have already seen the viral Palworld Pokemon mod video, but can you try out the mod now?

Ever since Palworld took the gaming world by storm, the survival RPG has drawn comparisons with Pokemon. Sometimes, it was accused of ripping off the iconic franchise, and sometimes, it was described as a fun Pokemon mod. YouTuber Toasted Shoes capitalized on the hype and posted a video of a Palworld Pokemon mod. If you're curious about playing the mod or wondering if it's still available, those are the questions we'll address today.

Is There a Palworld Pokemon Mod?

Toasted Shoes uploaded a video featuring gameplay footage of a Pokemon mod on January 22. For those unfamiliar with ToastedShoes, he's a successful Aussie YouTuber known for his exploits in modded games. Ever seen Elsa unleash a fatality in Mortal Kombat? Or Alex the lion dance through COD: Zombies? That’s the kind of stuff Toasted Shoes treats his fans with.

Palworld Pokemon Mod: Is It Still Available?

Credit: Toasted Shoes

Toasted Shoes collaborates with a dedicated team of modders to craft mods for popular titles. He uses these mods for his videos. With Palworld garnering a “Pokemon with Guns” reputation, it was inevitable that Toasted Shoes and his band of modding wizards would concoct a Palworld Pokemon mod, blending the lovable pocket monsters with Pocket Pair's unique flavor.

In the video, Toasted demonstrates the mod, showcasing how players can assume the role of Ash Ketchum from the Pokemon series and participate in battles against various characters, including Venusaur and Team Rocket. Pikachu, Oddish, Misty, Brock, and numerous other beloved franchise characters are seamlessly incorporated into the mod's gameplay.

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Palworld developers have confirmed that they did not launch modding support in the game yet, so the modders must have unlocked a hidden backdoor into the code.

Palworld developers have confirmed that they have not officially implemented modding support in the game. Therefore, the modders must have discovered and utilized a hidden backdoor in the code.

Is The Pokemon Mod Available Now?

Toasted Shoes was supposed to release a full video on YouTube on January 23, which would have shown how the installation process of the mod, but Nintendo had other plans. The gaming giants, who own the rights to Pokemon, did not approve of the unauthorized mod and filed a copyright infringement claim against Toasted Shoes. As a result, the video was taken down.

Nintendo, known for its stringent defense of intellectual property rights, has a history of removing fan-produced content. When Palworld was initially unveiled, gamers noticed a significant resemblance to Pokemon characters, prompting speculation about whether Nintendo would contemplate legal action. Palworld creators have not faced the wrath of Nintendo yet, but Toasted Shoes was not so fortunate.

Toasted Shoes refuses to give up on the mod, however. He clarified later that he is exploring alternative avenues to release the mod while avoiding legal consequences. Nevertheless, it appears highly unlikely at this point.

Palworld Pokemon Mod: Is It Still Available?
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