Palworld Legendaries – Where to Find Them

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Palworld Legendaries – Where to Find Them

Are you looking for the latest Palworld legendaries? If so, let’s see where you can find them so you can add them to your collection. 

Besides finding the best flying mount in Palworld, the latter offers a lot of other surprises. One of them is the legendary Pals in Palworld, units that are much stronger than the rest. These pals are known for their legend passive skills, as well as other unique skills.
Of course, getting a Legendary Pal in Palworld is easier said than done because you need to know their location. Also, these pals are usually available later in the game, meaning you should have unlocked most of the map already. With that said, let’s see where you can get a Legendary pal in Palworld.

Palworld Legendaries – Locations

Each of the Pal Legendary in Palworld is located somewhere on the map. Let’s go through each one and learn more about it.


The first of the Palworld legendaries that deserves attention is called Frostallion. He is an Ice Element-type and is located on the north-western side of the map. In fact, our observations have shown that he is close to the Absolute Zero fast travel point. In other words, you can use it to come close and try to get him. 

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Frostallion will drop Diamond and Ice Organ. Also, this Pal is suitable for Cooling. 


The second of the Palworld Legendary Pals that you can go for is Jetragon. Since he is among the most popular names in the game, we already have a separate Jetragon guide, so make sure to check everything about the Pal. What’s important to know is that he drops a variety of materials, such as diamond, pure quartz, carbon fiber, and polymer.

Paladius and Necromus

The last two Palworld Legendaries that we want to include are Necromus and Paladius. If you decide to put them to the test, you need to go to the northeast part of the map. The closest Fast Travel point there is called Deep Sand Dunes. Once you use it, go to the north, and you will find the two pals there.

These two Legendary Palworld Pals are great for Lumbering and Mining, if you decide to use them for such things. They drop Pal Metal Ingot, Large Pal Soul, and Diamond.

Palworld Legendaries – Where to Find Them
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