Palworld Egg Hatch List

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Palworld Egg Hatch List

In Palworld, you will have the chance to find different types of eggs as you explore the game world. These eggs not only change in color but also in characteristics and the type of Pal that you can find inside. For this reason, having a Palworld egg hatch list on hand before setting off on your adventure is definitely a convenient thing that can save you a lot of time. If you are curious to know what types of eggs are present in Palworld and everything there is to know about them, you are in the right place.

Palworld Egg Hatch List: What Type of Eggs Are There in the Game?

In Palworld, there are nine different types of eggs that you can collect during your expeditions and which you can use through the breeding process. Each of these variants also has different sizes, which are Normal, Large, Huge, and Giant. As we have already said, the type of egg serves to determine what type of Pal will be able to hatch from it after successfully completing the incubation process (the times vary depending on many factors). Here are all the types of eggs that are present in Palworld:

  • Common Egg
  • Verdant Egg
  • Electric Egg
  • Damp Egg
  • Frozen Egg
  • Rocky Egg
  • Dark Egg
  • Scorching Egg
  • Dragon Egg

Common Egg

The Common Egg has white and pink stripes and gives you the chance to get Neutral Pals. Unlike other eggs, these are only available in two sizes: Normal and Large. The Normal ones will give you the chance to obtain Pals such as Ribbuny, Galeclaw, Tocotoco, and Direhowl; while the Large ones will give you the chance to get Pals like Loveander, Grintale, Gorirant, and Eikthyrdeer.

As for where to find them, as with the rest of the eggs, there are no specific places since they have a random spawn. However, you are more likely to find them in places where grass is present. Obviously, as you can also understand from the name, it is a common type of egg, so you will not have much trouble finding it during your explorations.

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palworld egg hatch list

Verdant Egg

The Verdant Egg is a green egg with dark green stripes that will allow you to obtain Grass-type Pals. Size-wise, these eggs are Normal, Large, or Huge. Normal eggs will give you Pals such as Flopie, Caprity, Beegarde and Gumoss; the Large ones will give you Pals such as Broncherry and Dinossum; and, finally, the Huge ones will give you Pals such as Verdash and Elizabee.

These eggs are mostly found in forests and grasslands, so keep a close eye on these areas if you are looking for this type of egg. If you are lucky, in areas where the density of trees is greater, you may even find two nearby, so always explore everything that can be explored carefully.

palworld egg hatch list

Electric Egg

The yellow Electric Egg has black lightning bolts and it will hatch Electric Pals. You can get this egg in two sizes: Normal and Large. Normal Electric eggs hatch Pals like Beakon, Dazzi, and Jolthog. The Large Electric eggs can hatch Univolt, Sparkit, and Rayhound. Look for these sparky Electric eggs at the northern edges of the desert area.

palworld egg hatch list

Damp Egg

The swirly blue Damp Egg will hatch Water Pals. It comes in two sizes: Normal and Large. Normal Damp Eggs hatch Pals like Celaray, Pengullet, and Gobfin. The Large Damp eggs can hatch Pengullet, Surfent, and Relaxaurus. Look for these eggs where Water Pals hang out, like coastal cliffs and lakes around Palworld.

palworld egg hatch list

Frozen Egg

The Frozen Egg is icy blue with a snowflake pattern and hatches Ice Pals. It comes in two sizes: Normal and Large. Normal Frozen eggs hatch Pals like Chillet, Swee, and Reindriz. The Large Frozen eggs can hatch Wumpo, Vanwyrm Cryst, and Sweepa. As you can imagine, you're more likely to find a Frozen Egg in colder places. For this reason, check out cold coastal areas, especially if there are Frozen Pals around.

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palworld egg hatch list

Rocky Egg

The Rocky egg is a brown color with a dark pattern and hatches Ground Pals. It comes in two sizes: Normal and Large. Normal Rocky eggs hatch Pals like Dumud, Fuddler, and Gumoss. The Large Rocky eggs can hatch Warsect, Rushoar, and Menasting. Rocky eggs prefer dirty places and are often found on the ground.

palworld egg hatch list

Dark Egg

The Dark Egg is a deep purple with a pink swirl and hatches Dark Pals. It comes in two sizes: Normal and Large. Normal Dark eggs hatch Pals like Daedream, Loupmoon, and Mau. The Large Dark Eggs can hatch Nox, Felbat, and Shadowbeak. Discover these mysterious Dark Eggs in warmer places, often on cliffsides. We have talked more in detail about this in this article.

palworld egg hatch list

Scorching Egg

The Scorching Egg is orange and has a red flame drawn on it. It will allow you to capture fire-type Pals. This egg is available in two sizes: Normal and Large. Normal eggs will give you the chance to obtain Pals such as Arsox, Bushi, and Foxparks; while the Large ones will give you the chance to obtain Pals such as Wixen, Suzaku, and Rooby. These eggs, of course, are found in warm areas, so that's where you'll have to go to look for them.

palworld egg hatch list

Dragon Egg

The Dragon Egg is pink and black-striped and will obviously allow you to obtain Dragon-type Pals. These eggs are available in three different sizes: Normal, Large, and Giant. Normal hatch Pals like Astegon and Chillet eggs; Large hatch Pals like Orsek and Dinossum eggs; and, finally, Huge hatch Pals like Relaxaurus eggs.

As for where to find them, this is probably the hardest type of egg to find. Our advice is to look in high places or where you have seen the presence of Dragon-type Pals. If you are having trouble finding them in the wild, you can always capture two Dragon Pals and start a breeding process to obtain Dragon Eggs.

palworld egg hatch list

Palworld Egg Hatch List
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