Palia Special Donations Quest – How To Complete It

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Palia Special Donations Quest – How To Complete It

The Palia Special Donations quest is one of the most important ones in the game. We know a lot of you have problems with it, so let’s learn everything.

Palia has a lot of interesting things that players can do, such as collecting bugs like the Duskwing Butterfly, as well as completing numerous quests. One of them is called the Special Donations subquest, which is a part of the “Silver-winging it!” quest. Considering the quest grants some interesting prizes, let’s see how to complete it and what you need to be aware of.

Palia Special Donations Quest – Objectives

Every quest in Palia has its specific objectives, and this one isn’t an exception. To get the quest, you must go to the Temple of the Gales and meet with Zeki. Once there, you will see that he has problems with the Teleporter, which is where you can step in and get the Special Donations Discovery quest. 

The goal behind the quest is to find seven treasures, all of which are located close to the Temple of the Gales. If you complete the task and return to Zeki, the latter will reward you with Lucky Coins.

How to Complete the Palia Special Donations Quest?

Now that you are aware of what you need to do to in the question, it’s time to see how to complete it. Before you start it, remember that one of the treasures is actually inside the chamber located on the final island. In other words, you won’t be able to get it unless you have completed the Eye of the Storm quest.

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Aside from this treasure, the rest are pretty easy to pick up. Since you only need to collect the treasures and return them to Zeki to get your reward, here are all of the treasures you should be aware of:

  • Ancient Symbols Plques – This one is located on the Main Land, and players wishing to get it must go to the cliff near the air vent.
  • Galeseeker Googles – You will need this chest to complete the Palia Special Donations quest, but it can only be collected once you unlock the final island. Once that happens, you have to go inside the chamber and retrieve the treasure.
  • Ancient Miniature Aurship – This treasure is close to the Flow Gate, and players will need to use the Teleporter. The latter will bring them to the Western Island, and players must find the treasure there.
  • Ancient Wine Barrel – This part of the Palia Special Donations quest is close to the Ancient Symbols Plaques. You need to go back to the building and climb the vines that will give you access to the highest point of that building. 
  • Golden Ancient Fish – Also located on the final island, you have to go to the Flow Gate, climb on top of the rock, and then go inside the tower.
  • Golden Egg – The last treasure is located in the Ancient Wine Barrel. You will have to glide across the floating cliff to reach it.
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What’s next?

Now that you have all of the treasures for the Palia Special Donations quest treasures, it is time to get back to Zeki. Once you return the quest, you will receive the following:

  • The Golden Egg treasure
  • Improved relationship with Zeki
  • 5 Renown (there is chance to get that)

So, is it worth completing the Special Donations subquest in Palia? Yes, we think it is worth it. Make sure to follow us for more information.

Palia Special Donations Quest – How To Complete It
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