Paladin Runes – WoW Season of Discovery

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Paladin Runes – WoW Season of Discovery

Here is what you need to know about the Paladin Runes in WoW Season of Discovery.

Our summary of everything on Paladin Runes in World of Warcraft Season of Discovery.

Paladin SoD Phase 2 Runes Update

Season of Discovery phase 2 will introduce new runes and new rune slots for the Paladin class. Starting February 8, Paladin players will be able to engrave belts, bracers and helms with SoD runes. Here's the complete list of the Paladin SoD phase 2 runes found in the PTR!

  • Enlightened Judgements
  • Fanaticism
  • Guarded by the Light
  • Improved Hammer of Wrath
  • Improved Sanctuary
  • Infusion of Light
  • Light's Grace
  • Purifying Power
  • Sacred Shield
  • Sheath of Light
  • The Art of War
  • Wrath

SoD Paladin Rune Locations

How to Find Aegis in Season of Discovery

Prerequisites: Level 8, “Purify” spell.

You can discover the Aegis rune at Dun Morogh or Elwynn Forest.

  • Dun Morogh: Go west to reach the gates of Gnomeregan and find a Wounded Adventurer (25.6, 43). Use the Purify spell and talk to him.
  • Elwynn Forest: Go to the end of the Jasperload Mines towards the newly added section (62, 47.5) and find a Wounded Adventurer. Use the Purify spell and talk to him.

How to Find Avenger's Shield in Season of Discovery

Travel to Redridge Mountains and head north towards a cave (34.7, 7.6) to kill a level 23 elite spawn named “Dro'zem the Blasphemous”. Dro'zem's spawn points may vary!

How to Find Beacon of Light in Season of Discovery

Purchase for 4 gold 50 silver when you become “Friendly” with the new Supply Factions ( Go to the Durotar Supply and Logistics Guide if you're playing for the Horde, and Azeroth Commerce Authority for Alliance players)

How to Find Crusader Strike in Season of Discovery

Prerequisites: Level 4, “Judgement” spell.

You can discover the Aegis rune at Dun Morogh or Elwynn Forest.

  • Dwarf:
    1. Start the “Relics of the Light” with the Paladin trainer at Dun Morogh.
    2. Head to Coldridge Valley and grind Frostmade Trolls to get the Libram of Judgement.
    3. Equip the libram and cast Judgement 10 times to get “fully inspired”.
    4. Activate the libram on your character sheet to learn Crusader Strike.
  • Human:
    1. Start the “Relics of the Light” with the Paladin trainer at Elwynn Forest.
    2. Head to Northshire and grind Defias to get the Libram of Judgement.
    3. Equip the libram and cast Judgement 10 times to get “fully inspired”.
    4. Activate the libram on your character sheet to learn Crusader Strike.

How to Find Divine Sacrifice in Season of Discovery

Travel to Ratchet and buy it from Grizzby, who will only offer the Rune after you complete 3 of his pre-quests, namely:

  1. Shredder Turbochargers
  2. Dark Iron Ordinance
  3. Fish Oil

How to Find Divine Storm in Season of Discovery

  1. Travel to Northern Darkshore to the Tower of Althalaxx and click on the orb.
  2. Go to Ashenvale and find Maestra's Post to find Delgren the Purifier. Start the “Advice from Stormwind” quest.
  3. After finishing the quest with Katherine the Pure, start the follow-up quest “A Second Opinion”.
  4. Head to the Stormwind Mage Quarters and speak with Ursula Deline to start the “Earning Your Salt” quest.
  5. Go to Redridge Mountains and grind Blackrock Summoner until you gather x14 “Summoner's Salt”.
  6. After finishing the quest at Stormwind, start the follow-up quest “It Must Be Destroyed”.
  7. Next, travel to Ashenvale to get to Demon Fall Canyon. Kill Felguard, Mannoroc Lasher and Searing Infernal until you gather x12 Mote of Mannoroth.
  8. Near (89, 77), interact with the circle below Mannoroth's Weapons. Interact with the broken orb that falls out of it to start “Return to Delgren”.
  9. Finish the quest to get the Divine Storm rune.

How to Get Enlightened Judgements Rune in Season of Discovery

Prerequisites: Level 34

To get the Elightened Judgements rune, you must travel to Arathi Highlands and purify 3 Tarnished Prayer Beads.

  • Tarnished Prayer Bead I
    • Drops from Syndicate Rogues, Witherbark Medicine Men and Boulderfist Ogres around the Wetlands and the farm to the northwest.
    • Cast Blessing of Might and kill an enemy to purify this prayer bead.
  • Tarnished Prayer Bead II
    • Drops from Syndicate Rogues, Boulderfist Ogres and more.
    • Cast Divine Shield with <10% health to purify Tarnished Prayer Bead II.
  • Tarnished Prayer Bead III
    • Drops from Witherbark Shadow Hunter and others.
    • Use Seal of Justice against a fleeing enemy under the effects of Judgement to purify this bead.
WoW Classic Hardcore Tips and Tricks Part 2

Turn in all 3 of the purified beads to Brother Atticus around (26.9, 58.7) in Stromgarde Keep to obtain the Enlightened Judgements rune.

How to Find Exorcist in Season of Discovery

In Duskwood, go to either Yorgen Farmstead or south of Raven Hill Cemetery and grind Defias Night Blade, Defias Enchanter and Defias Night Runner until they drop a “Libram of Banishment”. Afterwards, cast Turn Undead 5 times and finish them with Exorcism. Doing so rewards you the Exorcist ability.

How to Get Guarded by the Light Rune in Season of Discovery

Prerequisites: Another player with Resurrection, Level 40

Travel to the Ruins of Alterac and loot the skeleton near the southern wall to get the “Dormant Holy Rune”. Next, cast Divine Intervention on an ally, sacrificing yourself. After getting resurrected, you'll learn the Guarded by the Light rune.

How to Find Hand of Reckoning in Season of Discovery

You can discover the Aegis rune at Loch Modan or Westfall.

  • Loch Modan: Find a Stonesplitter Valley cave (36.7, 92.4) hiding a Sunken Relinquary and take its “Libram of Justice”. After that, kill 10 enemies stunned by Hammer of Justice to receive the rune.
  • Westfall: Go southeast and kill the Defias Drone there until one drops a “Libram of Justice”. After that, kill 10 enemies stunned by Hammer of Justice to receive the rune.

How to Find Horn of Lordaeron in Season of Discovery

You can discover the Aegis rune at Loch Modan or Westfall.

  • Loch Modan: Travel to Thelsamar and enter the tavern into one of the lower rooms. Take the “Libram of Blessings” from the table. Bestow Blessings to 5 unique players to receive the rune.
  • Westfall: Go to  Jangolode Mine and grind for the Libram of Blessings by killing the Undying Laborers in the area. Bestow Blessings to 5 players to get the rune.

How to Get Infusion of Light Rune in Season of Discovery

Prerequisite: Level 40

Head to Deadwin Pass and enter Ariden's Camp (52, 35) and speak with the Dalaran Agent to receive Ariden's Sigil. Use the sigil to detect and reveal seven Dark Riders across Azeroth.

  1. Arathi Highlands (23, 47)
  2. Badlands (57, 55)
  3. Deadwind Pass (43, 28)
  4. Desolace (64, 24)
  5. Duskwood (23, 46)
  6. Swamp of Sorrows around (68, 27)
  7. The Barrens (52, 37)

Kill the Dark Riders to acquire their Dalaran Relics. Afterwards, return to the Dalaran Agent and turn in all 7 relics for the Infusion of Light rune.

How to Find Inspiration Exemplar in Season of Discovery

Prerequisites: 2 Players.

You can discover the Aegis rune at Dun Morogh or Elwynn Forest.

  • Dun Morogh: Go west of Kharanos and enter the wendigo cave to find “Adventurer's Remains” near (43, 49.5). Right-click on the remains to open a portal. Next, have the second player right-click on the remains to to summon “Adventurer's Spirit”. Defeat the mob to loot the rune.
  • Elwynn Forest: Travel east of Jerod's Landing and find the “Adventurer's Remains” nearby (52.4, 84.5).

How to Find Rebuke in Season of Discovery

Go to the park (22.5, 64.5) and speak to Bartender Liv Bradford. Choose the dialogue option “How's Business?”, which will lead you to a drunkard named Stuart. Fight and get the last hit on Stuart to claim the Rebuke rune.

How to Get Sacred Shield Rune in Season of Discovery

Travel to Desolace and climb to Nijel's Point. Head into the building and take the “Libram of Deliverance” from a book on one of the benches. Equip the Libram and use Blessing of Freedom to dispel movement debuffs on allies five times. Afterwards, right-click on the Libram of Deliverance to get the Sacred Shield rune.

How to Find Seal of Martyrdom in Season of Discovery

  1. Travel to Stormwind Cathedral and speak to Brother Romulus.
  2. Descend to the lowest level using the western stairway to find a note and a candle near a ledge (33, 24.6).
  3. Go to the island where the rivers of Elwynn Forest, Duskwood and Westfall meet and find Ada Gelhart. Fight Ada and get the last hit on her to get the credit. Talk to Ada afterwards to receive the Seal of Martyrdom.

How to Get The Art of War Rune in Season of Discovery

Prerequisite: Level 40

The Art of War spell notes can be found by starting a questline at Desolace.

  1. Travel to Desolace and go northwest of Kodo Graveyard until you find an Extinguished Campfire (47, 54). Start the “Highway Robbery” quest.
  2. Head to Kormek's Hut (63, 39) to find Bibbly F'utzbuckle. Finish the quest and start “On the Lam”.
  3. Find the inn at Booty Bay and speak to Tokal. Finish the quest and start “Cherry for Your Thoughts?”.
  4. Buy her Cherry Grog and start the “No Honor Among Thieves” quest.
  5. Travel to Arathi Highlands and board a boat that will take you east of the region (52, 91).
  6. Look for Illari Duskfeather. Defeat her and loot “Illari's Key” to get the Art of War rune from her chest. Dark Elves get a dialogue option to peacefully obtain Illari's key.
Season of Discovery Priest Best in Slot for Phase 2

Paladin Runes

SoD Paladin Runes Phase 1


  • Seal of Martyrdom – For 30 seconds all your melee attacks deal 30% weapon damage to 3 targets in close proximity for the price of 2% of that damage to your health. While active party members gain mana off that 2% of health. When unleashing the Seal will cause 70% of weapon damage equal to 2% of damage inflicted.
  • Divine Storm – Deals 110% of weapon damage to 4 enemies nearby. It will also heal up to 3 party members for 25% of the damage dealt.
  • Horn of Lordaeron – Increases strength and agility of party members by 6 for 2 minutes.
  • Aegis – Increases block by 30% and grants a 10% chance to increase the block chance by 30%.


  • Divine Sacrifice – 30% of all damage taken by party members is dealt to the caster instead of 10 seconds. Should the Paladin drop below 20% health their damage and healing will be increased by 10% for 10 seconds.
  • Inspiration Exemplar – dispels all Fear and Sleep effects for party members nearby.
  • Avenger's Shield – Throws a Holy shield dealing Holy damage to a target and dazing it. The attack will then bounce and hit up to 2 more targets.
  • Exorcist – Increases critical strike chance against Undead and Demons by 100%.
  • Rebuke – Interrups and prevents spell casting of the same school for 2 seconds.


  • Beacon of Light – A target becomes a Beacon of Light and will receive 100% of the healing party members within 60 yards.
  • Crusader Strike – Deals 75% weapon damage and regenerates 2% mana.
  • Hand of Reckoning – Taunts a target. Also increases Righteous Fury's threat bonus by 80% and causes it to recover mana when healed by others. While Righteous Fury is active, damage taken will be decreased by 20% whenever the Paladin drops below 35% health.

SoD Paladin Runes Phase 2


  • Fanaticism – 18% increased critical strike chance on all Holy spells.
  • Improved Sanctuary – Blessing of Sanctuary blocks 100% of all damage and inflicts more harm equal to 30% of your shield block value.
  • Light's Grace – Casting Holy Light will reduce time of your next Holy Light recast by 0.5 seconds.
  • Wrath – Consecration damage can now crit. Additionally, your melee critical strike chance now appies to Exorcism, Holy Wrath and Consecration spells.


  • Enlightened Judgements – 17% increase on all spell hit range and an additional 30 yards on Judgement
  • Infusion of Light – 20% more damage on Holy Shock. Holy Shock crits will reset the cooldown on both Holy Shock & Exorcism, and refund the Holy Shock's mana cost.
  • Sheath of Light – Melee attacks will give buff  your spell power equal to 30% of your attack power for 1 minute. Healing crits will give an additional 60% heal over 12 seconds.


  • Guarded by the Light – each melee strike will recover 5% of your total mana every 3 seconds (15s). During the mana regen, Flash of Light, Holy Light and Holy Shock will output 50% less heals.
  • Sacred Shield – a target will gain a shield that blocks 500 damage while giving the Paladin higher crit chance (+50% for 6 seconds) for Flash of Light every time they are hit. Every 6 seconds, damage dealt by Flash of Light will heal Sacred Shield target for the same amount over 12 seconds. Sacred Shield can only have one target.
  • Art of War – Holy Shock and Exorcism cooldowns reset on every critical melee hit.


  • Improved Hammer of Wrath – Hammer of Wrath cooldown reset whenever the skill strikes a target with less than 10% health.
  • Purifying Power – Reduces Exorcism and Holy Wrath cooldowns by 50%. Holy Wrath can target any creature and stun Undead and Demons for 2 seconds.

And that's all we got on Paladin and their Runes in Season of Discovery, for everything else Runes check out our dedicated piece here, and for more Classic+ stay tuned on ESTNN

Paladin Runes – WoW Season of Discovery
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