OWL Season 2: Top 20 Teams Countdown – Chengdu Hunters (#20)

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OWL Season 2: Top 20 Teams Countdown – Chengdu Hunters (#20)

Starting the list at #20, we have the Chengdu Hunters. One of the newest franchises to join the League, no player on this roster has any direct experience playing in the Overwatch League. This sets them at a severe disadvantage, as we have seen from season 1 how vital experience on the stage matters. However many members on the team do have a fair amount of exposure to high-level Overwatch, with many members participating on Contenders teams or World Cup rosters.

Playing DPS, Chengdu has three potential players. YangXiaoLong and Baconjack for hitscan, and JinMu as a flex/projectile player. These names may not be recognizable, due to their relatively limited time spent playing on high-level Overwatch teams. YangXiaoLong and Baconjack are both out of practice since neither player has played on a professional team since 2017. JinMu has played more recently, but on a less-than-stellar Contenders team back in season 2. Overall, not that recognizable of a DPS line-up for the Hunters.

As for the Tanks, we have a bit of a different situation. Coming from a strong showing on the Chinese World Cup team, LateYoung may surprise viewers with his strong off-tank play. Also, LateYoung has played on the Shanghai Academy team and has not had significant breaks in play as far as we know. The other off-tank signed for Chengdu is Elsa, who has experience with Contenders through a team known as LinGan e-Sports, has also enjoyed some good recent results. However, having to compete for a slot with LateYoung on the team could mean limited time for Elsa. And finally the only main tank of the Hunters, Ameng comes from the same Contenders team as JinMu. With only one main tank, Chengdu may be a bit limited with the different team compositions they wish to execute.

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Finishing with the Support lineups, the Hunters have recruited two flex players for this role. Kyo and Garry both have played on Chinese Contenders teams in the past, however, with little significant placings and not much other experience we have little else to help form a strong opinion about these players. And last but certainly not least, Yveltal rounds out the Chengdu lineup as the main support player. Yveltal played alongside LateYoung on the Chinese World Cup roster in 2018, as well as in Chinese Contenders seasons 1 and 2. This leads us to believe that Yveltal will be one of the more solid players on the roster, with this significant amount of time played on the main stage.

With a couple of strong looking stars and a lot of relatively unknown players, Chengdu looks like they could have a bit of a rocky start next February. Coming in at #20 on our countdown to Season 2, the Hunters have nowhere to go but up.

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