Overwatch: Which are the Most Successful Heroes in the Grandmaster Bracket?

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Overwatch: Which are the Most Successful Heroes in the Grandmaster Bracket?

Ever wondered which heroes pack the most punch in the Grandmaster Bracket? Read on to find out!

Overwatch is undoubtedly one of the leading games in its genre. Aside from its uniqueness, the game is popular because it allows people to compete in ranked games. Unsurprisingly, most players love to push themselves in order to get as high on the leaderboard as possible.

Speaking of leaderboards, we have to mention that Overwatch has several ranks. The highest one is called “Grandmaster”, and it consists of the best players in the world. Needless to say, everyone in this bracket is an expert and knows how to utilize almost any hero.

Speaking of heroes, this article will go over the most successful heroes in this skill bracket in the given meta. Like Dota 2, LoL, and other popular eSports titles, the meta in Overwatch changes with every update. However, since Overwatch 2 is just around the corner, it is unlikely to see any big updates prior to this game’s release.


The first hero on the list will probably come as a surprise because not many people play it. In fact, Pharah has one of the lowest pick ratings in this bracket (0.79%) because loads of heroes can counter it. Despite that, the hero’s impressive 62.23% win rating makes it the most successful DPS in this bracket.

One of the main reasons why this hero has such a high win rating is the fact that some people spam him. There are a couple of notable Pharah players in the Grandmaster bracket, and as you can guess, they are amazing.

We are yet to see whether Pharah will become more popular in Overwatch 2. The hero definitely has the potential, but it all comes down to the meta and the other popular heroes. Needless to say, Pharah can’t be successful if people spam heroes like Widowmaker.


The second spot on our list is an extremely popular hero in every bracket. Zarya is a tank that is notorious for its damage capabilities. Depending on the situation, this hero can easily do more damage than some of the popular DPS.

Even though Zarya is OP against weaker opponents because they allow her to do more damage, the hero also works against good players. This is pretty clear from her win rating, which sits at 58.52%.

Besides the damage output, Zarya is one of the best heroes in the game because of her ultimate. The fact that people can combine it with other abilities makes her extremely dangerous. A good G Surge can easily wipe the entire team, especially if they are grouped together.


The third spot is for a hero that is a nightmare to play against in the lower MMR brackets. Symmetra is a similar position to Pharah when it comes down to her popularity. She is definitely not the hottest hero in the Grandmaster bracket. In fact, Symmetra only has a 0.38% win rating, which makes it a rare sight.

However, people who pick it in this bracket are usually extremely skilled and know how to utilize her to her full potential. That’s the reason why the hero has a 58.33% win rating.

Symmetra is not that good for attacking, but she can do wonders when defending a given point. Of course, what makes her so strong among the highest MMR bracket is her ability to teleport her entire team. A well-placed teleporter can change the course of a team fight because it allows the team to avoid certain chokepoints.


Doomfist is a hero that you can’t see that often among the lower-tier brackets. Even though this hero is amazing at one-shotting people, he is tough to play. Needless to say, Doomfirst is even harder to master, which is why the hero is more popular among the higher-skilled player.

If you take a look at the Grandmaster bracket, you will see that Doomfist has an impressive 57.49% win rating. He is pretty good in the current meta because his high burst damage allows him to kill weaker opponents in no time.


If there is one tank that has tons of fans in every bracket, it has to be D.Va. This is one of the easiest tanks to pick up and one of the hardest to master. Even though playing with D.Va might seem like a walk in the park, there are many small things that make this hero complex.

Besides the fact that D.Va can deal insane amounts of damage, the hero is also capable of shutting down many ultimates. Thanks to her Defensive Matrix, some of the best players in the world can make certain heroes look weak.

Currently, D.Va has a 5.39% pick rating and an impressive 57.39% win rating. We are yet to see whether the hero will continue to be the go-to option for players in Overwatch 2. For now, it seems like most people will be more interested in Orisa.


Unsurprisingly, Mercy is the most successful support hero in the Grandmaster bracket. This is a hero that can work in pretty much every lineup. Her insane single-target healing capabilities and her ability to provide her allies with tons of damage make her a dangerous opponent.

People use Mercy with all sorts of heroes, including things like D.Va and Doomfist. Consequently, the hero has more than a 5% win rating, making it the most popular on the list yet. As for Mercy’s win rating, it sits at 57.36%, which is really impressive.


The last hero we’d like to include on this list is Genji. Unsurprisingly, this is one of the top DPS in the Grandmaster bracket. The hero has a crucial role for many professional teams because he provides a lot of damage and utility. Furthermore, his ultimate can easily rip through the entire team like a knife through butter.

Even though Genji is less popular than other DPS in this bracket, he is among the most successful heroes. The DPS has a 57.03% win rating, which is impressive for a hero of his caliber.

All of the data mentioned in this article is from Overbuff, and it is subject to change. So, makes sure to keep an eye on the latest stats!

Overwatch: Which are the Most Successful Heroes in the Grandmaster Bracket?
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