Overwatch Week 10 Hero Pool

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Overwatch Week 10 Hero Pool

As this Overwatch League weekend comes to an end, casters Seth “Achilios” King and Wolf “Wolf” Schröder drew the hero pool for Week 10. Next weekend, D.Va, Sombra, Reaper and Ana will be unavailable.

The hero draw is now a tradition in the Overwatch League. At the end of each weekend, casters randomly draw one tank, one support, and two DPS heroes which will not be available the following week. After a drawing made with a bingo cage and another one picked by a cat, this weekend’s caster Seth “Achilios” King and Wolf “Wolf” Schröder had to find a way to keep viewers amused while drawing the hero pool.

They did so by mixing mystery cards, each representing a hero. The number of cards per hero depended on its pick rate, according to the weighted hero pool rules. The heroes banned for Week 10 are D.Va, Sombra, Reaper and Ana.

Impacted Games In The Overwatch League


  • Hangzhou Spark vs Chengdu Hunters
  • Vancouver Titans vs Guangzhou Charge
  • Philadelphia Fusion vs Paris Eternal


  • Houston Outlaws vs Boston Uprising
  • Washington Justice vs Dallas Fuel
  • Chengdu Hunters vs Vancouver Titans
  • Shanghai Dragons vs Guangzhou Charge
  • Houston Outlaws vs Toronto Defiant
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  • Philadelphia Fusion vs Atlanta Reign
  • San Francisco Shock vs Los Angeles Gladiators

Possible Team Compositions For OWL Week 10

As Ana cannot be picked this week, many teams will have to cancel their nanoblades projects. This is especially true for Vancouver Titans, as their DPS Hyojong “Haksal” Kim stole most of the highlights with his Genji blades. With no Ana in sight, the most played support heroes of this weekend will probably be Moira and Brigitte.

Gael “Poko” Gouzerch from Philadelphia Fusion will not be able to perform his famous D.Va bombs, as the mech tank hero is banned for Week 10. Her place in the meta is quite unique, and as such no other hero can fill her position perfectly. The most likely tank compositions will feature double shields, as per the previous weeks of the Overwatch League.

On the DPS side, both Sombra and Reaper are out of the Week 10 hero pool. They are two of the most played heroes in the League. Sombra’s EMP can swing a whole team fight, while the double shield meta cannot resist Reaper’s powerful attacks. The most likely DPS composition features Mei and McCree, as they were the most played duo the other weeks of the Overwatch League. Moreover, the D.Va ban is beneficial to both heroes, as the tank can no longer eat their respective ultimates.

However, each weekend holds its share of surprises regarding team compositions. Since the beginning of the Overwatch League, we saw unusual heroes being played, such as Torbjörn or Ashe. Even if these predictions are the most likely to be seen next week, there is no guarantee professionals won’t surprise us all with unexpected team compositions.

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Week 10 of the Overwatch League will be available on the League’s official YouTube channel on April 11-13.

Overwatch Week 10 Hero Pool
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