Overwatch Torbjörn Guide, Let the Magma Flow

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Overwatch Torbjörn Guide, Let the Magma Flow

Overwatch has multiple DPS heroes, and each one offers something special. One of them is Torbjörn, a hero who has gone through multiple changes. The hero was not that interesting to play a couple of years ago, but after the changes, he became much stronger.

Nowadays, Torbjörn is one of the top picks for many players. Even though the hero has several big counters, he is one of the best against certain opponents. That’s the reason this Overwatch Torbjörn guide will assist you on your journey. 

Torbjörn is one of the tankiest DPS in the game

Even though there are a couple of exceptions, most DPS heroes in Overwatch have around 200 HP. Fortunately, this mid-range DPS monster is tankier because he has a base HP of 250. What’s even more impressive is that he has extra armor, making him even harder to kill.

The fact that Torbjörn can outlast his enemies is the thing that makes the hero so dangerous in the first place. His ability to stay alive while participating in team fights means he is able to deal a lot more damage than other heroes. Sure, many opponents can kill him pretty easily, but if the players know what he’s doing, he can survive.

The Rivet Gun is often underestimated

Some heroes in Overwatch have an attack option that deals a lot of damage and has cool effects. Sadly, Torbjörn is not one of them because the Rivet Gun is definitely not the most impressive weapon in the game. It has a slow fire rating and 2 second reload time, making it one of the worst in this regard.

With that being said, this weapon can deal significant damage because the primary fire mode deals 70 per shot. On the other hand, if you use your right mouse click, you can deal up to 125 damage per shot, depending on the distance. Your projectile speed is 120 meters per second, and you shoot a total of 10 pellets. One of the things to remember about the fire rate is that each time you shoot will cost you 18 ammo. Hence, you will have to reload more often than usual.

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Despite the weapon’s slow fire rate, Torbjörn has a way to fix it, thanks to one of his abilities called Overload. When used, the hero gains additional armor, bonus movement speed, extra attack speed, and faster reload time. This ability has 10 seconds cooldown and five seconds duration and it will give the hero +100 armor. This makes it incredibly strong in a variety of situations.

Some people want to use it defensively because of the extra armor, but this doesn’t mean this ability can’t be used offensively. In fact, the extra armor and attack speed make it one of the best in situations where you need to do more damage than usual. Don’t forget that playing offensively is a safer option than running.

Molten Core is amazing for securing a given location

Despite not being the strongest ultimate in the game, Molten Core can be beneficial in many situations. When used, Torbjörn will have enough time to “fire” molten slag that deals a lot of damage. Besides the initial damage, this ability also deals 160 damage per second, which means that enemies who stay in it will die.

While using this ultimate, Torbjörn’s weapon will be replaced by a claw, which means he can’t use his primary fire. This ability is used in situations where the hero needs to secure a given location. For example, many players use it near the payload or at a specific point.

It is important to know that standing on multiple lava pools won’t do more damage. In other words, once your opponents “step” on the lava, they will receive 160 DPS, no matter how many pools are near them.

Another thing that makes Molten Core an excellent ability is the fact that it can do really well against armored targets. The ultimate inflicts additional damage to these units, which makes it highly effective against heroes, such as Orisa and Rein.

Using the Turret

Aside from Torbjörns robustness and amazing ultimate, the Turret is one of the things that makes the hero popular. This is an ability that deploys an additional weapon, which deals 14 DPS per round. Although it may not seem that impressive, the Turret automatically targets enemy units, which means it rarely misses. 

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In order to take full advantage of this ability, you need to learn where to position it. Although it deals a lot of damage, the Turret has 250 HP, which means most heroes can kill it pretty fast. Needless to say, most of them will try to take it down because it is really annoying.

If you decide to use your Turret, you can throw it up to a maximum of 15 meters away from you. Once you do that, the ability needs around 3 seconds to be ready to shoot, during which your opponents could kill it.

Since this thing has 250 HP, there might be situations where some try to kill it, and it dies before that. If that happens, you can either destroy the Turret and create a new one or use your Forge Hammer to repair it. This ability will heal the Turrent in seconds.

Tips and Tricks

As mentioned earlier, Torbjörn is an amazing hero in mid and close-range combat, but he is not that good over longer distances. Therefore, you should try to avoid fighting with heroes like Widow or Pharah.

Although it may be tempting to use Overload on cooldown, you should always be aware of the heroes you have to play against. Some of them might be able to dive you, so saving this spell for these crucial moments can make a big difference. Don’t forget that Torbjörn is one of the strongest heroes in the game when it comes down to a 1v1 situation. He can easily kill almost any DPS, including some of the most annoying ones like Genji and Tracer.

In situations where you run out of ammo, but need to do damage, you can always rely on your Hammer. This ability deals 50 damage if you hit someone, which makes it extremely strong in 1v1 scenarios.

Overwatch Torbjörn Guide, Let the Magma Flow
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