Overwatch: Tips for Temple Of Anubis

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Overwatch: Tips for Temple Of Anubis

Top tips for your next game on Overwatch's Temple of Anubis map.

Overwatch is a game where people can choose from a wide range of heroes. With that being said, there are not that many maps, especially if you decide to play ranked games. This will change once Overwatch 2 comes out because the devs said we would have access to a few new maps.

Until this game becomes available, OW players have to choose from a couple of options. One of them is called Temple Of Anubis, and it is one of the fan-favorite maps, especially for defense. Unlike other maps in Overwatch, this one only has two points. Hence, matches are much faster.

Even though this map is pretty straightforward on paper, there are a couple of essential things you need to take into consideration. That’s why we will go through them in this review.

Attacking  – Point A

Some maps are definitely more favorable for those who defend, and we think the Temple Of Anubis is one of them. When you have to play on the attacking side, you will notice that you have three options to reach the first point. Some people go straight in, but this is really risky because they can get killed from multiple sides.

Players often choose the left or right options to dodge as much damage as possible. The left one allows the team to save itself from direct damage at first. However, players have to go through a very narrow chokepoint. This is where things can get scary because their opponents can deal insane amounts of damage.

With that being said, this entrance has a few tricks, such as the openings found near the ceiling. Heroes that can get up there (Genji, Pharah, Echo, etc.), can use them to their advantage and go behind their opponents. This should allow their teammates to go through this entrance much easier.

Aside from the left option, some players choose the right one. The latter allows them to go through the building and go to one of the high grounds. It is safer than the first option, but not as good as the left one. 

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Since securing this point is easier said than done, some teams often send their flanker from the right side, and they take the left one. By doing this, their flanker can deal a lot of damage and it will require the enemy’s team to focus on him. This is ideal because all other teammates can push and kill their opponents.

Defending – Point A

After we’ve pointed out all of the possibilities for the attackers to get the first point, it is time to take a look at those who defend. Typically, teams in the solo queue like to stay on the balcony, which allows them to keep an eye on all three chokepoints. This is usually a good idea, but if your opponents know what they’re doing, they can easily dodge your damage by rushing from one of the sides.

The Temple of Anubis map in Overwatch

In order to prevent this from happening, you should split your defense so that it covers everything. One of the best things that people do when they want to avoid getting flanked is to put one or more heroes on the right side. This will allow them to deal with those who want to flank. Depending on the heroes, they can even help their teammates if they are getting pressured from the left.

Playing in the defensive position requires being really careful because every death can be fatal. That’s why your positioning should be perfect, no matter the map. This is also true for the Temple Of Anubis, so make sure you move around if your enemies know you were in a specific sport. Whether you play Widow, Bastion or Torb, having a good position can make a huge difference.

Attacking – Point B

Similar to the situation in Point A, those who have to attack can choose from three different lanes. Unfortunately, the one in the middle is the most people’s go-to option because it seems straightforward. Even though this might be true, this is also the most dangerous option. Your opponents can attack you from all angles and you can’t really dodge the incoming damage.

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Since the middle option is not worth it, most heroes go to the left ot right now. The right one seems interesting because it lets players choose from a couple of options. One of them is to make a left turn and end up in front of their enemy’s faces. With that being said, people can also choose to climb over the walls and try to flank their opponents.

Things are more complicated when it comes down to the left side because those who have to attack only have one narrow entrance. Needless to say, this chokepoint is ideal for heroes like Bastion and Junkrat because they can do an insane amount of damage. To avoid this damage as much as possible, someone from your team should be flanking. In other words, repeat the same steps you did to get the first point.

Defending – Point B

Defending this point seems easy at first, but if your opponents are good, you will have a hard time. One of the first things we’d like to point out is that you should not use the small wall on the left side from your spawn point. Although this position may seem attractive, you put yourself in danger because your opponents can kill you from multiple sides.

anunbs1File under; spots to avoid

One of the best things you can do to defend this point is to focus on staying near the right side. Besides protecting yourself from the flankers that can come from the left, you prefer those who want to push from the middle and can help your team of the attackers commit to using your right side (their left). Don’t forget that this hallway is long, so if the enemies decide to use it, they will most likely not go back. In other words, you can focus on the small chokepoint and deal insane amounts of damage.

Overwatch: Tips for Temple Of Anubis
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