Overwatch 2: The Best Duos for Genji

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Overwatch 2: The Best Duos for Genji

We take you through the best Genji combos in Overwatch, plus some tips to improve your Genji game!

Overwatch 2 is a game where you can find a couple of really popular DPS characters. Some of them are only good when you are attacking, whereas others can also work if you have to defend something. 

One of the most popular and successful DPS heroes in the game is Genji. The cyber ninja deals a lot of damage and is one of the hardest heroes to kill. Due to his insane mobility and the fact that he can climb walls, he can become almost possible to bring down.

Aside from being tricky to kill, Genji is also one of the heroes can fit well in different combos. There are loads of examples, which is why we will take a look at some of them in this review.

Genji and Ana’s ultimate

Overwatch has loads of popular heroes, and this DPS is definitely one of them. Since so many people play Genji, it probably doesn’t come as a surprise he can be combined with a variety of other heroes.

One of the options that usually stands out is Ana. The latter is a popular single-target healer is notorious for playing defensively. However, she has one of the best single-target ultimates in the game, making a given hero almost unkillable. Furthermore, the ultimate allows the target to deal loads of additional damage.

Ana’s ult is usually used on heroes like Rein or Roadhog. However, she can also give it to Genji, especially when the Ninja has his blade on. The two ultimates are usually more than enough to wipe the entire enemy team in seconds. Of course, Genji should be careful because he needs to be precise regarding his preferred targets. Moreover, he needs to be careful because many heroes have CC abilities.

Genji and Zarya

Despite not being one of the most popular combinations in Overwatch 2, Zarya and Genji can do wonders in many situations. Usually, Zarya is used alongside other big ultimate heroes like Reaper or Hanzo. However, Genji’s ability to hit multiple targets also makes him one of the good options for the tank.

Besides using his ult, Genji can also take advantage of his shuriken and Dash. In fact his Swift Strike can easily hit all enemies, and if he kills someone, it will reset. This will allow him to use it again and deals an extra 50 damage.

If you and your friends decide to use this combo, the person on Zarya needs to know what he’s doing. This is easier said than done, but it is important. If the person fails to utilize the ultimate when required, you won’t be able to use your combo.

Another important thing about this combo is that Genji can hit ultimate units with his Sword once they are close together. So, make sure your Zarya catches at least a few enemy heroes.

Genji and Kiriko


Aside from all of the combos mentioned above, Genji can also work well with several other heroes. One of them is the new support in Overwatch 2 called Kiriko. The latter is similar to Genji in a way because the hero can climb walls. However, it focuses on healing and providing teammates with an extra attack and movement speed. That's possible thanks to the hero's ultimate called Kitsune Rush.

When used, Kiriko will summon a fox that will provide all teammates with extra movement speed and attack speed. Furthermore, this ability also reduces cooldowns. This means that heroes like Genji can use it in conjunction with all of his skills and do tons of extra damage. Unsurprisingly, many people will try to combine Genji and Kiriko's ultimate because the cyber ninja will be able to easily rip through his opponents.


Tip: Shurikens and Dash

Have you ever wondered how some people get tons of kills with Genji, whereas others barely get any? One of the reasons is that those players take advantage of the so-called “Shuriken and Dash” combo. The latter is pretty simple, but once you learn how to use it, you will secure tons of kills.

The idea behind this combination is to use your left mouse click and immediately press the Dash button afterward. If you time it right, your hero will hit his target with Dash and the Shurikens will hit it afterward. Depending on your target and its HP, you should be able to score a kill.

If you get a kill and you follow the combo precisely, your Dash’s cooldown will be reset. This will allow you to repeat the same combo a couple of seconds later or use your ability to escape from danger.

Speaking of danger, this is one of the biggest problems you need to keep in mind. Failing to kill your target means you will be close to it and you won’t be able to use your movement speed ability to escape. Therefore, make sure you choose your targets wisely.

Tip: Use Swift Strike before using your ultimate

Genji’s ultimate is deadly and everyone knows that. Consequently, people who are good at Overwatch 2 will try to avoid it using everything they can.

Since Genji needs to be close to his opponents to hit them, they will try to bait his Swift Strike. Fortunately, you can avoid this by using this ability before popping your ult. This may seem strange, but if you read Genji’s abilities, you will see Dragonblade resets Swift Strike’s cooldown.

In other words, you can use this ability twice in a row and deal 100 additional damage. Depending on your target, this should be enough to kill every healer and DPS. This combo can even work on some tanks, but it depends on many other situations, including the healer.

Tip: In some situations, you should cancel your deflect and play offensively

Most heroes in Overwatch have a defensive ability and Genji is one of them. This option is called Deflect, and when he uses it, he deflects most of the incoming damage from different sources. This ability lasts for 2 seconds, which can be enough to kill a given target.

With that being said, there are many situations where Genji’s opponents will reflect their first shot and wait a couple of seconds until Deflect is down to kill him. This is where you can surprise them by canceling your Deflect and using Swift Strike + a Melee attack immediately after. Depending on your target and whether it received some damage from the deflect, you should be able to kill it in no time.

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Overwatch 2: The Best Duos for Genji
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