Overwatch: The Strongest Picks Alongside Orisa

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Overwatch: The Strongest Picks Alongside Orisa

We take you through some of the best picks to team up with Orisa in your next game of Overwatch.

We are probably a few months away from the release of Overwatch 2. Right now, people can play the beta and test some of the new maps, as well as one of the new heroes. Besides those things, we also have the chance to try some of the new heroes’ abilities. 

One of the heroes that have a couple of new skills is Orisa. Unsurprisingly, this quickly became one of the most popular picks in the beta and it seems like it will continue to be popular once the game becomes available to everyone. 

People have to stick to the original title until Overwatch 2 becomes accessible to all players. Orisa is one of the most popular tanks there, so let’s go over some of the strongest combos with the hero that you should be aware of.  

Oris and Reinhardt

The first popular combination in Overwatch that you can often find is the tank duo Orisa and Rein. Even though these two heroes might not seem that good together on paper, they actually do wonders.

Rein can protect almost anyone from his team with his shield because it is pretty big. However, once the hero starts doing damage, his shield is no longer available. This gives his opponents enough time to do tons of damage. 

This is where heroes like Orisa step in. Despite the fact that this hero’s barrier is not as strong as Rein’s, Orisa can deploy it on the ground and do damage. What’s more, she can position the shield in a place where she can protect the rest of her teammates. This allows Rein to do more damage.

Mercy and Orisa

The Overwatch hero, Mercy can make a great pair with Orisa

Apart from different tank combinations with Orisa, this hero also works really well with some of the supports. Despite being a tank, Orisa can deal a substantial amount of damage, especially to targets that are easier to kill. 

Unfortunately, the hero’s slow movement speed and the fact that it has pretty much no mobility makes it the preferred target for many heroes. For example, Hanzo, Reaper, Tracer, and Soldier can kill Orisa in no time, especially if the hero wastes the barrier.

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This is where heroes like Mercy come to play. Thanks to her “pocket heals” and the fact that she can amplify Orisa’s damage, this is one of the best supports you can have when you decide to pick Orisa. Keep in mind that both heroes benefit from Orisa’s ultimate, which means that they can do a lot of damage to unsuspecting targets.

Orisa and Roadhog

The fact that Orisa works better with some tanks than others shouldn’t come as a surprise. After we’ve pointed out the deadly combo between this hero and Rein, it is time to include another popular tank – Roadhog. The latter is a tank that does not have any shields. Instead of blocking damage, Road is notorious for his offensive capabilities and the fact that he can kill almost any hero in the game with little to no effort.

The reason why these two work together is pretty obvious. Orisa provides a shield, which can either save the team or help Road be offensive. Speaking of the devil, the fact that there is Roadhog in the game means that the opponents won’t be able to stay in the open and spam damage. If they try to do that, the pesky tank can always use his hook and kill at least a few of them.

Another thing that makes Orisa an excellent option to pair with Road is her ultimate. Providing more damage to one of the most robust tanks in the game is always a plus, especially if he has his ultimate. Whole Hohgo can do almost 5K damage (at least in theory), so when you add the boost from Orisa’s ultimate, it is easy to see why many people fear it.

The last and probably the most important thing about the Road and Orisa combo is the Halt! combo. Even though using this to its full potential takes time, and it is not as easy as it seems, once you learn it, you can do insane plays.

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Halt! allows Orisa to “pull out” a given target in the open. This is when Road can use his hook and drag the unit next to him.

Torb and Orisa

The fact that Orisa has a shield means that the hero works with almost all DPS heroes in the game. With that being said, Orisa is usually one of the preferred heroes for people who like Torb. The latter is a popular pick in every meta and MMR because of his insane damage capabilities. 

Speaking of doing damage, Torb relies heavily on his Turret. Sadly, this “weapon” can be destroyed with little to no effort, even if you are the best Torb player in the world. Once your enemy sports it, they usually need a few seconds before they can kill it.

This is where Orisa’s shield comes to play. If Torb places his Turret somewhere where Orisa can use her barrier, this gun becomes hard to kill. Your opponents will have to destroy the barrier or flank it before they can get their hands on it. Even though flanking is most DPS’s go-to option, they can die while doing it, so they need to be careful.

Bastion and Orisa

Bastion, an Overwatch hero who also pairs well with Orisa

Last but not least, we have one of the best combos in the lower MMR divisions. Bastion is a hero that you won’t see among pro players. However, the hero is incredibly strong against weaker opponents because they don’t know how to counter him. Hence, he is one of the most picked heroes in the game.

While it is true that most people pair Bastion with Rein because of his more substantial barrier, the hero can also work with Orisa. Besides her shield, Halt! can be used offensively to “bring out” all opponents from their hiding places. Needless to say, this will give Bastion some time to deal tons of damage and maybe even kill at least a few heroes.

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Overwatch: The Strongest Picks Alongside Orisa
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