Overwatch: Soldier: 76 Guide, Most Players’ Favorite Hero

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Overwatch: Soldier: 76 Guide, Most Players’ Favorite Hero

Some heroes in Overwatch are more suitable for beginners than others, Solider:76 is among them.

Soldier is among the few heroes in the game that is great for people who never played the game before. Solider:76 does not have abilities that are that difficult to master, and the hero can tank more damage than many other DPS. Furthermore, he is among the few heroes in this position that can heal himself and his allies, which is always a plus.

Even though Solider is popular among inexperienced players, there are a couple of things that Overwatch fans can do to improve their win rating. So, let’s go over a few of the most important tips you can implement while using this hero.

Soldier is viable, you just need to learn to shoot

One of the main reasons why Solider is among the top DPS picks in Overwatch is his versatility. Unlike options like Widow, which need to be miles away, Solider can work from almost any distance. With that being said, the hero shines if his target is in mid-range. This allows him to deal enough damage to kill it fast, without worrying about getting killed.

Speaking of killing someone, Soldier is one of the heroes that will require you to learn how to control his spray. Unlike other shooters where this takes a lot of time, learning how to deal with this hero’s spray in Overwatch won’t take more than a couple of minutes.

Once you master how to shoot with his gun, you can kill people from any range, including if you are way behind. Of course, you should be careful because your opponents might have heroes like Hanzo or Widow, which means they can kill you.

Try to utilize your mobility

Many things make Solider one of the best heroes in the game, and one of them is his mobility. Despite not having an ability that allows him to jump or teleport, he has something called Sprint. When used, Solider receives a 50% buff to his movement speed, which allows him to chase his opponents or run, depending on the scenario.

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The fact that Solider is faster than most heroes in the game makes him hard to kill. What’s more, this allows him to be more versatile and flank his opponents with little to no effort. Despite being a good hero against shields, Solider can do a lot more if he gets the chance to fire at his opponents.

Learn how to play around Biotic Field

Having the ability to heal yourself as a DPS in Overwatch can do wonders, especially when you’re playing in a team where no one wants to heal. However, many people don’t know how to take advantage of this ability, so they just use it for no reason.

Aside from healing your allies, you can try to use Solider’s Biotic Field in a place where you can hide and peak when you want to. Doing this will make you incredibly hard to kill because you can always hide to heal and peak to do damage. Every map has certain locations that allow you to do that, so try to explore them to learn how to make the most of your spell.

The Helix Rockets do more than you think

Besides Soldier’s basic attack, Soldier fires rockets. These deals deal up to 120 damage if you hit someone directly, but they can also do splash damage. This makes them great against specific low HP targets.

With that being said, landing your rockets isn’t always easy. Once you learn to do that, you will also discover that they can also allow you to jump. Like Junkrat’s Concussion Mine, you can use your rockets to go to a specific location. Of course, doing this with Solider is not as easy as it seems, so it will take some time until you learn how to master it. Furthermore, this ability will damage you, so you can’t use it all the time.

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Always try to make the most of your Tactical Visor

There are many ultimates in Overwatch that can change the course of a team fight, and Tactical Visor is one of them. When used, Solider can hit all of his targets and has a lot faster reload time. In other words, he can kill at least a couple of heroes during the ultimate’s duration, which is six seconds.

Sadly, many people who don’t have enough experience with Solider waste their ultimate by using it against targets with shields. Needless to say, this is not a good idea because you won’t be able to kill anyone. Instead of using the ult in these situations, you can always use your Sprint and go to a specific location where you can flank your opponents.

Speaking of using Soldier’s ultimate, you have to be careful when facing certain heroes, such as D.Va. Thanks to her shield, she can easily absorb most of the damage you will do, which means you won’t be able to do anything with your ultimate. The same applies to other tanks like Roadhog or Reinhardt.

Try to abuse the “shoot and run” strategy

One of the tips that can help you become better with this hero is using the classic “shoot and run” tactic. Unlike many other heroes in the game, Solider: 76 allows players to do that and still hit most of the shots. This thing has a massive effect when you play against opponents that know what they’re doing because it will be hard for them to kill you. 

Learning how to abuse Soldier’s Sprint will take time, but once you master it, you can easily carry yourself to your desired rank. Don’t forget that this is the best DPS you can get in a situation where you can’t rely on anyone else but yourself.

Overwatch: Soldier: 76 Guide, Most Players’ Favorite Hero
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