Overwatch: Seoul Dynasty’s Fissure Retires

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Overwatch: Seoul Dynasty’s Fissure Retires

Seoul Dynasty announced Fissure’s retirement early this morning.

The Seoul Dynasty announced on their Twitter that their main tank player, Chang-hyung “Fissure” Baek, would be retiring from the Overwatch League and professional Overwatch, effective immediately.

Fissure's History

Fissure has become a household name in the world of professional Overwatch. He started off in OGN’s APEX tournament back in Season 2, where he competed with Kongdoo Panthera up until the end of Season 3. Kongdoo Panthera placed 2nd in Season 3, losing to Lunatic-Hai in the Grand Finals.

After Season 3 of APEX, Cloud9 picked up Kongdoo Panthera as a team, signing them as the team known as Cloud9 Kongdoo. In fact, Fissure’s teammates included Rascal, Birding, Curious, Void, wakawaka and Bdosin, where all but two have now found homes in the Overwatch League. After the team placed 3r in the final season of APEX, Cloud9 announced that they had signed the entire of Cloud9 Kongdoo alongside GC Busan.

Move to the Gladiators

Fissure’s time with the London Spitfire was short-lived. After playing very little for the team, the team benched Fissure in favour of Gesture. That said, the team knew that having Fissure on the bench was a waste of talent, however. So, during the break between Stage 1 and Stage 2, the Spitfire transferred Fissure to the Los Angeles Gladiators. Many fans were excited to see what the main tank extraordinaire could do for the team, who had a 4-6 record in Stage 1 of the inaugural season, and as it turned out, the Gladiators flourished after they signed Fissure. In fact, the team made it to the Stage Playoffs twice in the inaugural season, and even made it to first place in the final stage.

An Enduring Legacy

Fissure has made a name for himself amongst the Overwatch community, with many fans and players watching him grow and flourish as a player since his time on Kongdoo Panthera. He has left a legacy that will endure for a long time in the minds of OWL fans.

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