Overwatch Season 18 Delayed, Role Queue Beta Extended

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Overwatch Season 18 Delayed, Role Queue Beta Extended

Overwatch developers announced that they have delayed the start of Season 18 and will extend the Role Queue Beta.

In a blog post, Overwatch developer Bill Warneck announced that a few bugs have cropped up regarding matchmaking and Season 18. Due to this, Blizzard has delayed the start of the season in order to fix the problems.

Originally, Blizzard had scheduled the beginning Season 18 for September 1st. Unfortunately, minutes after the launch of this new season, Blizzard canceled competitive games and extended the Role Queue Beta Season due to technical issues.

Role Queue Beta Extended

The newly-introduced Role Queue mode is a major change to Overwatch gameplay. After a month in beta, Role Queue went live in Overwatch's competitive mode for Season 18. However, minutes after the launch, some players noticed that bronze players were facing grandmasters. It seems that Blizzard accidentally reset the players’ skill ratings, also known as MMR. As of now, everyone is placed at the same rank, causing unbalanced games and damaging the player experience.

Overwatch League players shared their stories on social media. Hyo-bin “ChoiHyoBin” Choi, San Francisco Shock’s tank and member of the Korean team for the 2019 Overwatch World Cup, placed mid-gold with a 2310 rating.

In the official blog post, Blizzard stated that they are looking into this issue and will temporarily disable competitive play.

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Overwatch Season 18 Delayed, Role Queue Beta Extended
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