Overwatch: OWL Stage 1 Playoff Predictions

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Overwatch: OWL Stage 1 Playoff Predictions

Alright everyone, welcome to our OWL Stage 1 Playoff Preditions! We’re going to go through each of the matchups and break down who should come out on top. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Thursday, March 21

Match 1: Seoul Dynasty vs. New York Excelsior

This playoff draw couldn’t have gone any worse for the Dynasty. NYXL has been on a hot one in Stage 1 – they haven’t lost a single match. The last time that Seoul played Ney York, they only won a single map. Other than Numbani, New York didn’t even let Seoul capture a single point. That’s domination. Even though NYXL has sat some of its best players in the face of the 3/3 meta, they’re seemingly unstoppable.

As for Seoul, even Fissure can’t save the Dynasty against a titan like NYXL. The Dynasty is the quintessential middle team; they easily defeat lesser opponents but look like a completely different team against better squads. NYXL will take this match.


Prediction: NYXL

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Match 2: Boston Uprising vs Vancouver Titans

Much like NYXL in the match before, the Vancouver Titans were the other team that went undefeated throughout Stage One. The Titans have done so through what looks like complete understanding of the GOATS meta. Their timing, communication, and ultimate synergy is second to none. What few mistakes we saw at the beginning of the stage were ironed out, and the Titans have looked better and better as Stage 1 has gone on.

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Boston, on the other hand, just squeaked into the playoffs. How can we trust a team that gave Shanghai their first win in League history? Not to mention the fact that when Boston slips up, they lose focus and lose an entire map. It would take an absolute miracle for the Uprising to win this game.


Prediction: Vancouver Titans

Vancouver Titans Overwatch


Friday, March 22nd

Match 3: Atlanta Reign vs Philadelphia Fusion

In the previous matchup between these teams, it went to a fifth map. This matchup has the potential to be one of the most exciting of the four. Both teams are fairly even, and that always means the viewers get a good game.

For the Reign, Dafran has been explosive all stage. Who’s going to forget his sneak attack Graviton Surge on Hollywood? This team hasn’t had the cleanest initial stage in the Overwatch League, but they play with some serious style.

Fusion seems to be struggling with the 3/3, and their inability to utilize their fantastic DPS players on DPS characters is holding them back. Carpe isn’t Carpe unless he’s popping heads, right? That said, Fusion earned their place in the playoffs. Despite an extremely weird coin-toss, Fusion should push Atlanta to their limits. This game will be extremely close, but I’ve got the give the edge to the more well-established team.

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Prediction: Fusion

Philadelphia Fusion


Match 4: San Francisco Shock vs Toronto Defiant

At first glance, it seems like the Shock should be able to take this away from the Defiant, but don’t be so sure. Sure, the Shock have won out versus two teams this stage, but Toronto has proved that just because you’re an expansion team doesn’t mean you have to be bad.

That said, Toronto has had a pretty easy schedule during Stage 1. Their dominant wins have come against struggling teams, and they have had problems against squads that are clearly stronger than them.

This is another match that we wouldn’t be surprised to see go the full five maps. Despite the even matchup, look for the experienced San Francisco Shock to take this one home.


Prediction: San Francisco Shock

OWl Shock


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