Overwatch League Introduces “League Picks”

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Overwatch League Introduces “League Picks”

League Picks will allow players and fans to earn Overwatch League tokens for correctly picking the winner of Overwatch League matches.

The Overwatch League have announced that it will launch a new way to earn Overwatch League tokens, called League Picks, for Stage 4. It’s quite a straightforward project, but in order to understand the entirety of League Picks, here’s what we know so far.

Overwatch Introduces League Picks

League Picks is a “pick the winner” game according to the official Overwatch League statement. The game itself revolves around correctly predicting the results of Overwatch League matches.

Starting July 25th at 4 PM PT, viewers of the Overwatch League will be able to participate in predictions for Stage 4 matches. If players guess match outcomes correctly, they will earn League Tokens. Players can then use these League Tokens to buy skins representing the different Overwatch League teams.

There is a catch, however. To avoid people earning too many tokens, players will earn them based on a tiered system.

For example, if players guess one match correctly, they will unlock 25 tokens. If they guess 5 matches correctly, they’ll unlock another 25 tokens, and so on. The tier list is as follows:

Overwatch League Token Tiers


The full rules can be read here.

To participate and receive the tokens, viewers must sign in to their Battle.net accounts on the Overwatch League website. Once they have signed in, then they will be able to take part in League Picks. The mini-game is open until September 30th, and will only be available in certain countries during its Beta phase.

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