Overwatch: No Dying on My Watch – Baptiste Guide

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Overwatch: No Dying on My Watch – Baptiste Guide

Here's everything you need to know to make the most out of Baptiste in your next game of Overwatch.

Overwatch gained a couple of new heroes after it became available all those years ago. One of them is Baptiste, a support hero that becomes more popular by the day. He is one of the support heroes capable of doing decent damage, depending on the situation.

Despite being a popular pick among higher-tier Overwatch games, Baptiste is not that common among casual Overwatch players. We hope this basic guide will show you that Baptiste is a unique hero with a versatile kit. And just as likely as any of the other support to help you win games.


Baptiste is a support, which means the hero’s main job is to help his teammates. He achieves that by using his incredible skills, which we will discuss in a bit. Before that, you should know that Baptiste has 200 health, which is the standard for most heroes and DPS in the game.

The hero can work in different combos, but most people use him with heroes such as Orisa or Rein. Baptiste is one of the few supports that benefits a lot when he gets the chance to stay on the high ground. Besides the fact that this will help him stay safe, it will allow him to use his skills more effectively. 

Speaking of the devil, let’s go over this hero’s abilities and show you how to make the most of them.


Exo Boost

Most healers in Overwatch do not have a movement ability, making them easy targets for loads of DPS. Even though Baptiste is not the most mobile hero in the game either, he has Exo Boost. The latter allows him to jump up to 9.1 meters when fully charged. Speaking of charging, the ability takes 1 second to do that.

Exo Boost can save this hero’s life in many situations, especially if he has the chance to jump on the high ground. 

Biotic Launcher

Baptiste’s weapon is called Biotic Launcher, and it has two modes. The standard one (his primary fire) uses a three-round burst that can deal up to 24 damage per round. In other words, a direct headshot can do around 70 damage, which is not that bad for a haler. Biotic Launcher has 45 ammo, takes 1.5 seconds to reload, and fires 1 burst per 0.58 seconds.

The hero’s secondary fire mode allows him to heal his allies by launching projectiles. Each shot heals for 70 or 50 HP, depending on whether your shots directly hit your target. Baptiste can fire 1 shot per 0.9 seconds and has 10 ammo in total. The reload time is the same as the primary fire mode.

The bad thing about the Biotic Launcher is that the hero can’t heal himself. 

Regenerative Burst

Also known as “Healing Over Time (HoT), Regenerative Burst is an ability that allows Baptiste to heal himself and his allies for 5 seconds. While this ability is active, the hero regenerates 30 HP per second, whereas his allies gain 15 HP per second. 

Regenerative Burst has 13 seconds cooldown and a 0.3-second casting time. Interestingly, this ability can’t be interrupted by stuns, deaths, and even hacks.

Immortality Field

This is probably Baptiste’s strongest ability in situations where his opponents have no clue what to do. When used, the hero places a device with 150 HP that keeps Baptiste and his heroes alive, regardless of how much damage they take. In other words, the only way for Baptiste’s opponents to kill their opponents is by destroying the Immortality Field or waiting until it is over.

This device itself lasts for 5 seconds, whereas the field lasts for 5.5 seconds. However, this ability has 25 seconds cooldown, making it one of the longest in Overwatch.

Besides the Immortality Field keeps Baptiste and his allies from dropping below 10% HP, every unit that enters the field will be healed to 10% of their HP (assuming they are on lower HP).

The device that keeps Baptiste and his friends become active as soon as the player presses the button. In other words, it can’t be canceled mid-cast.

Immortality Field is undoubtedly the hero’s most impressive ability because it is capable of turning fights around. Of course, it all depends on when Baptiste uses it because there are scenarios where this ability can do wonders. For example, some people pick Baptiste versus D.Va because they can use the Immortality Field as soon as D.Va uses hers.

Amplification Matrix

Lastly, we have one of the best ultimates a team could want. Amplification Matrix lasts for 10 seconds, during which it allows Baptiste and his allies to deal 100% bonus damage and healing. In order to take advantage of these abilities, the hero and the rest of his team have to shoot through the Matrix.

Even though it amplifies almost every ability, there are some exceptions, such as Chain Hook and Whip Shot. It is also important to know that an EMP will destroy this ability.

Baptiste’s counters

Baptiste is outstanding support because those abilities are more than enough to help his team succeed. However, he is not immortal, and similar to every other hero in the game, he has a couple of big counters.

The hero’s biggest nightmare is Widowmaker because this hero is just really annoying to play against if you are a healer. The fact that Baptiste doesn’t have tons of HP means that Widow can kill him with a single headshot. She can stay far away and wait until he makes one wrong step. This should be enough to land a kill.

Another thing we’ve mentioned earlier is that An EMP can disable amplification Matrix. This means that the second most annoying hero to play against if you are Baptiste is Sombra.  

Aside from her EMP, she is also really dangerous against supports because she can use her invisibility for hunting them down. Although killing Baptiste won’t be easy, the hero will struggle against Sombra.

Doomfist is the last name we want to put on this list, even though a couple of additional options deserve to be here. Baptiste is a hero who can heal his allies over time, but he is not that good at burst healing. He has an ability that saves from death, but it is not that effective against heroes who do tons of burst damage. This is where Doomfist shines because he can easily kill any target in seconds.

Overwatch: No Dying on My Watch – Baptiste Guide
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