Overwatch: Nine Heroes You Should Avoid in The Silver Bracket

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Overwatch: Nine Heroes You Should Avoid in The Silver Bracket

We break down the Overwatch heroes you should avoid picking if you're playing Silver Bracket.

Overwatch’s current ranking system consists of a couple of divisions. Almost everyone starts at Bronze and has to make their way up to Grandmaster. Of course, this is easier said than done because there are loads of other divisions before that.  This includes Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Master.

Every skill bracket is different and has its specifics because certain heroes work better in some situations. Usually, we try to focus on the heroes that you should pick in order to succeed in the given bracket. However, this article will be slightly different because it will focus on the names you should avoid.

Every hero mentioned below is impressive, but according to the official stats found at Overbuff, it is not as strong as others. So, let’s take a close look at some of the options.


The first hero that needs to be addressed here is Sombra, a DPS known for its stealth capabilities. Although Sombra seems like one of the best heroes in the lower-ranked brackets, according to the stats, this is not the case. Sombra only has a 42.78% win rate and a 0.66% pick rate. In other words, she is the least successful hero in the Silver bracket.

One of the reasons why Sombra players fail to impress is because they don’t know how to use the hero. Instead of utilizing his hacking capabilities, they try to be assassins. As a result, they hunt weaker heroes, such as supporters.

Even though Sombra can be good in some cases, the hero does not do that much dps.. In other words, it shines more when she focuses on hacking because this helps her team be more successful. 

Another thing that we need to remember about Sombra is the hero’s ultimate. Many people underestimate it, but it is safe to say it is one of the best in the game.


Speaking of doing damage, Cassidy (a.k.a McCree) is probably one of the best heroes you can get. He can do tons of damage with his regular attacks, even from a medium and long-distance. However, he is one of the DPS heroes that requires you to have a good aim to be effective. Therefore, only a handful of people in the lower skill brackets can utilize him properly.

Cassidy has a 46.07% win rate and around a 3.92% pick rate, which is not that bad compared to Sombra’s. Sadly, his is just too complex for some players, so most people fail to utilize him.

Apart from the fact that he requires you to be a good aimer, Cassidy is one of the heroes who need to be in an excellent position to use his ultimate. Some people know how to do that and always get at least a few kills. However, others use the ult without any preparation and usually waste it.

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There are many interesting DPS heroes in Overwatch, and it is safe to say that Echo is one of them. She is one of the few heroes who can fly and one of the best when it comes to finishing a target. Thanks to the beam, Echo can kill any target in seconds.

Sadly, the hero is a lot more complex than it seems. This reflects in her popularity and win rate, which sits at 46.31%. Echo is one of the heroes that people can get when they want to counter some of the dominant forces in the current bracket, such as Bastion. Echo can deal an impressive amount of damage within seconds, thanks to the sticky bombs.

The bad news is that the hero is extremely fragile. Since it is constantly in the air,  it is the go-to target for many opponents. In other words, people who play with Echo need to know how to survive in order to be effective.


After covering the three DPS, it is time to look at the other positions in Overwatch. The first one is support, and the hero that stands out here is Baptiste. Despite being one of the strongest heroes in other brackets, such as Master, Baptiste is the least successful support you can get in Silver. 

The data shows that the hero has around a 47% win rate, making him around 2.5% less effective than the next support – Ana. Similar to the heroes mentioned above, Baptiste is just not as easy to play as some people might think. He is definitely fun and can do wonders, but only a handful of people know how to use his cooldowns.


The next name on the list is one of the most famous tanks in the game in pretty much every bracket. Even though some people often mock those who pick him, there is no arguing that Winston can be a solid option for some drafts.

Sadly, it seems like this is the least successful hero in this bracket because it only has a 47.50% win rating. This seems strange, considering the fact that Winston is one of the tanks with a barrier.

One of the reasons why for the hero’s low win rate is his ability to jump. This thing can do wonders in the hands of those who know how to use it. Unfortunately, many people do not fall into this category. As a result, they often make wrong decisions and go out of position.



The last name on our list is Hanzo, a hero with a solid reputation in every bracket. Hanzo can be one of the deadliest heroes in the game in the hands of skilled players. However, he can also feel useless if the person who got him has no idea what to do.

The bad news is that most players in the Silver bracket fall into the second category. Instead of landing amazing headshots, they usually miss most arrows. As a result, the hero doesn’t seem that strong and only has a 47.77% win rating.

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Aside from Hanzo’s standard attacks, many people also fail to use his ultimate. It may not be the best ult in the game, but you should be able to get at least a few kills using it. What’s more, you can combine it with loads of other abilities in the game.

Another vital thing about Hanzo is related to his Sonic Arrow. This ability is amazing in all kinds of situations, yet, most people waste it for no reason. A good Sonic Arrow will help your team prepare for an upcoming attack. 


To be honest, we expected Tracer to be higher on this list because she is known for being one of the most complex heroes to master. However, thanks to her 48.14% win rating, Tracer seems like a slightly better option than Hanzo or Cassidy.

Unlike any other DPS hero in the game, Tracer only has 150 HP. As a result, she can die from pretty much anything in seconds. That’s why it is vital to know how to play with her and what to do when you face specific enemies. The general rule is to play aggressively only if your abilities are available.

Unsurprisingly, many Tracers waste their blinks for no reason and don’t have them when needed. There are different cases where you could use your blink, but most people try to have at least one charge at all times.


While we are on the topic of heroes that are hard to master, we have to mention Mei. She may not be the most interesting hero on paper, but Mei is one of the few DPS that can carry her entire team. 

One of the biggest mistakes people make when choosing this hero is to focus on doing as much DPS as possible. Even though she can deal a significant amount of damage, this is not the thing that makes her dangerous. Unsurprisingly, you should try to focus on using your ice walls and freezes.

Once you know how to take advantage of those abilities, you can easily carry your team, especially on some maps. Mei is one of the best options to use in some chokepoints, such as the second point on Anubis. 

Nowadays, Mei has a 48.21% win rating in this bracket, which means that some people actually know how to make the most of her.

Wrecking Ball

We are surprised that Hammond has a 48.45% win rating because he is probably the most complex tank in the game ot master. His insane mobility and tankiness make him a good option for this bracket. However, utilizing his full potential is easier said than done and it will take time.

Wrecking Ball is a fantastic hero that can also deal a lot of damage. He is excellent at keeping enemies away from a given point and can quickly kill an entire team with his ultimate. 

Overwatch: Nine Heroes You Should Avoid in The Silver Bracket
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