Overwatch News: Spitfire’s Profit Tells us how he really feels about GOATS

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Overwatch News: Spitfire’s Profit Tells us how he really feels about GOATS

ESTNN sat down with London Spitfire's Profit at the Dallas Homestand Weekend and got his take on the GOATS meta.

It looks like the fans aren’t the only ones who are tired of GOATS. Joon-yeong “Profit” Park of the London Spitfire sat down with ESTNN after yesterday’s match and gave some candid remarks on how he feels playing in the current meta.

“I don’t get to play them very often, but when I do, it's exciting,” Profit said with a smile. The GOATS composition has been prevalent at the Dallas Homestand Weekend, but several teams have broken out DPS characters on certain maps. Because many of the teams are playing the GOATS method,” said Profit, “I sometimes have to play those types of characters. I am less enthusiastic [about playing] them.”

Profit’s sentiments are echoed by fans. One fan who spoke to ESTNN said, “It’s really boring to watch at home; I’d almost like double snipers back. Even though it’s boring,” the fan continued,” it's actually really fun to watch in the arena.”

Dallas Homestand impresses fans and reveals the future of the OWL

They’re not wrong, either. Regardless of what composition the teams have been playing, the Allen Event Center has exploded with cheers at every Earthshatter, D.va Bomb, and Graviton Surge. This bodes well for Blizzard’s eventual plans for the league as it looks to bring Homestand events to cities and teams across the Overwatch League.

Blizzard announced last night that the next Homestand event will take place in Atlanta, Georgia in Stage 3. That said, if the crowd is as into it as the Dallas crowd has been this weekend, Blizzard might just pull off its geolocation plan. Additionally, Blizzard/Activision is likely planning to do something similar with its Call of Duty franchises that have yet to be revealed.

The Allen Event Center is home to four more games today, including the Battle for Texas between the home team Dallas Fuel and their neighbors the Houston Outlaws. Blizzard and the Dallas Fuel have sold out both available dates for the Dallas Homestand Weekend, with 4,500 fans expected to attend each day.

Also, be sure to check out our video analysis of Day 1:

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