Overwatch News: Shock’s Sleepy Transferred to Washington Justice

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Overwatch News: Shock’s Sleepy Transferred to Washington Justice

The San Francisco Shock recently announced that their flex support, Sleepy, has been transferred to the Washington Justice.

The Washington Justice has a new flex support following the transfer of Sleepy from the San Francisco Shock. Sleepy was a crucial member of the Shock’s starting line-up during last season. Many consider Sleepy as one of the most underrated Zenyatta players in the Overwatch League. Additionally, Team USA drafted Sleepy as one of the twelve initial players for Team USA during the Overwatch World Cup.

However, with the new addition of Viol2t to the Shock, Sleepy has been riding the bench since the start of the season.

The new addition to the roster spells good news for the Washington Justice, as the team has shown glaring issues throughout their first two stages in the Overwatch League. The duo of Fahzix and Gido has been very rocky, with Gido having some questionable transcendences. Fahzix, for his part, has lacked synergy with his support counterpart. The Justice might look to put Sleepy alongside the Justice's other new addition, main support ArK. The Justice recently signed ArK from the NYXL on March 18th.

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