Overwatch News: LA Valiant Roster Shakeup: Fate to Florida Mayhem, New Players Signed

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Overwatch News: LA Valiant Roster Shakeup: Fate to Florida Mayhem, New Players Signed

The LA Valiant has traded Fate to the Florida Mayhem and added several new pieces.

The Los Angeles Valiant have announced some huge changes in their roster, including the trading of their main tank, Fate. Florida Mayhem has signed Fate as their new main tank in order to try and improve the Mayhem’s results, as they now sit in last place on the league table. This is a huge change for the Valiant, since Fate has been their main tank since the beginning of last season, and has been with Immortals for even longer.

New Additions

In turn, the Valiant have picked up off-tank McGravy, main tank FCTFCTN and DPS player Shax. The Mayhem signed McGravy, throwing him into the off-tank rotation with XepheR and sometimes Sayaplayer. However, since Florida announced their plan to go for an all-Korean roster, The Mayhem released McGravy alongside his fellow teammates Apply and TviQ. Now, McGravy has found a new home. With Space already being a solid off-tank for the Valiant, however, it remains to be seen what the team's plans are for him.

FCTFCTN is the second of the three pickups for the Valiant. He was part of the Houston Outlaws in the inaugural season of the Overwatch League before the Outlaws released him in September last year. He then joined Florida Mayhem’s Academy team and flourished with his teammates during the first season of 2019 Contenders North America East. Mayhem Academy made it to the semi-finals, where the Gladiators Legion defeated them in an intense five-map series. With the release of Fate, FCTFCTN is a good pickup, but whether he can fill Fate’s shoes is another question that will be answered in future matches.

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Finally, The Valiant have also picked up Danish DPS player Shax, also hailing from the Mayhem Academy Contenders squad. Shax is no stranger to the competitive scene though, as he was part of teams such as Orgless and Hungry, the Copenhagen Flames and Team Singularity Gorillaz. Shax was a key part of the Mayhem Academy’s success in the first season of Contenders North America East, helping them reach the semi-finals. It’s most likely that LA will put the Danish player into a rotation with the other DPS players, but this remains to be seen.

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