Overwatch Moira Guide, Stand in my Beam

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Overwatch Moira Guide, Stand in my Beam

Overwatch has many unique support heroes that are fun to play but only shine in specific scenarios. Moira is not an exception because she is known as one of the best AoE healing supports in the game. In this Moira Guide, we'll help guide you on your support journey. 

Aside from her healing capabilities, Moira is also one of the few heroes supports capable of dealing a lot of damage. In fact, many people often abuse their support role and use Moira as a damage dealer.

Despite the fact that she only has 200 HP, Moira can quickly dodge attacks and escape from difficult situations. She can heal herself and her allies and can heal and do damage simultaneously, thanks to her ultimate. 

Since this is one of the most famous heroes in casual OW games, let’s learn more about what it has to offer.

Biotic Grasp

The first and most important thing you need to know about Moira is that her primary weapon is called Biotic Grasp. The latter allows her to heal or do damage, depending on whether the player uses the left or right mouse click.

Moira’s primary fire mode allows her to heal 70 HP, followed by 35 HP for the next two seconds. When used, this ability “costs” 12.5 energy per second. Keep in mind that she has 160 energy in total, which means she can’t spam her healing all the time.

Once Moira starts healing her allies, the Biotic Grasp goes through allies and enemies, but it won’t be able to go through barriers. Since this heal comes in the form of a projectile, it needs some time before it reaches its target. 

Moira needs 8 energy to activate this ability and it will regenerate 3.84 biotic energy per second when she is not using it. Speaking of the devil, the Biotic Grasp also deals damage while simultaneously healing Moira. If you use your mouse’s right-click button when you are near an enemy hero, Moira will deal 50 damage and heal herself for 24 HP per second. This ability's maximum range is 20 meters and it costs no ammo. 

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Since Moira does not fire any projectiles, this ability allows her to go through things like Deflect and Kinetic Grasp. Furthermore, it will generate 21. Biotic energy per second. 

Biotic Orb

Aside from her primary abilities, Moira has a few other tricks up her sleeve. One of them is the Biotic Orb, a power that deals 50 damage per second (up to 200) or 65 healing per second (up to 300). 

Before launching the orb, Moira has to decide whether she wants it to deal damage or heal her allies.  This ability has an 8-second cooldown and lasts for 7 seconds or until depleted.  Since it is in the form of an orb, it can bounce off walls and pierce barriers. 

Fade away

One of the reasons why Moira is so dangerous is because killing her is easier said than done. One of the main reasons this is the case is her Fade ability, which allows her to gain +250% movement speed and “disappear” for 0.8 seconds. During that time, she is invulnerable and can run up to 15 meters away from her given location. 

Once Moira uses Fade, she also removes any DoT effects. What’s more, this ability allows her to escape from different abilities, such as Graviton Surge. In other words, you need to be careful when you use it because there might be situations where you will need it ASAP.

Fade only has a 6 seconds cooldown, making it one of the best escape mechanisms in Overwatch. 


Lastly, we have Moira’s ultimate which “costs” 2800 points. Once you decide to use it, she will channel a long-range beam that deals 70 damage per second and heals her allies for 140 HP per second. Furthermore, this beam will her Moira for 50 HP/s.

While channeling the abilities, Moira gains a +50% movement speed buff. Coalescence has 30 meters range, 8 seconds duration, and a casting time of 0.5 seconds. This ability passes through barriers and allows Moira to recharge her biotic energy three times faster.

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Moira should be near the frontline

One thing that differentiates Moira from other healers, such as Ana, is that she needs to stay near the frontline to be effective. Since she has biotic energy, Moira is not one of the heroes that can heal her allies all the time. To gain this energy faster, she needs to be near the frontline. That’s why some of the best Moira players in Overwatch stay close to their thanks.

Speaking of tanks, Moira works well when the tank has a shield because she can survive even longer. Don’t forget that she only has 200 hp, which means she needs to be careful.

The good thing is that Fade allows her to play aggressively and go back behind her tank pretty quickly. In other words, don’t be surprised if you see the opponents’ Moira push with her orb and immediately fall back using Fade.

Moira is best used aggressively

Due to Moira’s specifics, she excels when it comes to healing multiple allies at once. This means she works best in combos where her allies are grouped up and play aggressively. That’s one of the reasons why Moira is often picked when attacking.

Of course, Moira can work in situations where she needs to heal a single target. However, she might run out of resources, which is why people get other healers for this job, such as Ana or Mercy.


Moira’s ability to escape from danger makes her hard to kill. She is the best support for duels (aside from Brigitte), so she can kill most DPS in a 1v1 scenario.

With that being said, Moira has a few counters, such as D.Va. The latter is one of the few tanks in the game that can be aggressive and push. She deals a lot of damage for a tank and can quickly kill Moira.

Doomfist is also a popular counter against Moira because of his high burst damage. A direct hit with his Meteor Strike is usually enough to score a kill.

Overwatch Moira Guide, Stand in my Beam
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