Overwatch Midseason Patch Overview and Director’s Take

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Overwatch Midseason Patch Overview and Director’s Take

Here is more information about the Overwatch 2 update today and what’s new. Click to read the latest information about OW2.

Although some people were surprised by the Overwatch update today, the same can’t be said about experienced players. Blizzard is famous fo releasing an Overwatch midseason patch every now and then, and it seems like the first one arrived just a few days after Season 7 was released. There are a lot of interesting things about that we should know, so let’s go over everything.

Overwatch update today

The Overwatch patch notes today do not include any major changes to heroes or abilities. However, there are loads of different fixes that will make the game a lot more balanced than before. Let’s go through each new thing.

General Changes

If you don’t have time to check the Overwatch midseason patch notes, here is everything new:

  • The Practice Range bug, where we could spawn an extra training bot, is no longer active.
  • Random From Favorites will no longer cause a crash.
  • The Daily Challenges Timer now works properly.
  • The issue where certain challenges did not track correctly has been resolved.

Maps & Heroes

When talking about the Overwatch 2 update today, the new changes also include a few map and heroes’ issues:

  • Samoa’s issue where players could escape the playable space is no longer a problem.
  • Hanzo’s bug with Storm Arrow is no longer present.
  • Sombra’s teleport and escort of the TS-1 Push Robot on Push Maps issues have been resolved.
  • Brigitte’s Barrier Shield will now block all abilities because a bug did not allow it to happen.
Overwatch 2: Strongest Heroes in Season 11

Overwatch Directors Take

In addition to the Overwatch update today, Blizzard also released the director’s take on Season 7 and Blizzcon. Naturally, there were a lot of interesting things that people should know, so let’s go through them.

For starters, the director addresses Sombra’s reworks and the fact that the OW team is happy with where she is at. With that said, the team is monitoring the effectiveness of EMP and her cooldowns, meaning we can expect some changes in the next couple of weeks.

Another very important thing besides the Overwatch 2 update today is related to Roadhog’s rework. According to the information, the Roadhog update will arrive this season, and it will include the following:

  • A new ability
  • Reworked primary fire
  • Take a Breather changes

This indicates that Roadhog may no longer have his Hookshot, or the ability will go through massive changes. It will be interesting to see what will happen to him and how these changes will affect the meta.

The Overwatch director’s take continues by saying that the team is happy about the balance changes in Season 7. However, the team has plans to nerf some supports and “open up windows for vulnerability”.

The midseason patch will also include nerfs to Bastion’s Assault, and the team is also monitoring the likes of Orisa and Zarya. Although the community is complaining about Orisa, in the Overwatch directors take, the latter said that Orisa is not the most successful hero in the lowest and highest MMR skill groups.

Overwatch 2: Strongest Heroes in Season 11

Aside from the hero changes, the directors also talk about the Halloween Terror event and the fact that it is the most popular one. Interestingly, there will be even more upcoming events in Season 7, such as the Overwatch Le Sserafim collab, but it seems like we will have another big surprise.

In addition to the Overwatch patch notes today, the director’s take also revealed details about BlizzCon. Those attending it will learn more about the new hero and many more about what is to come. There will also be an overview of the competitive system, as well as the Battle Pass.

Lastly, we also know that Blizzard will pay more attention to what people need to do to get the best possible skins in the game. It seems like there has been backlash from the community regarding the fact that they need to get the Ultimate Battle Pass Bundle to get the newest skin for Moira.

Overwatch Midseason Patch Overview and Director’s Take
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